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Published: December 8, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Challengermode, a grassroots-focused esports platform, teams up with Trovo for PUBG Mobile esports
  • Mobile esports are played a lot by gamers but they are underrepresented as a whole on tournament level
  • Challengermode and Trovo will work to boost the entire PUBG Mobile ecosystem

Challengermode and Trovo have teamed up to give PUBG MOBILE the esports boost it deserves, along with elevating the experience for teams and players.

Challengermode to Give Competitive PUBG a Leg-up

Challengermode has long been a bastion to gamers looking to demonstrate their gaming skills without necessarily competing in grueling leagues or putting excessive hours into gaming, Now, the platform is teaming up with streaming giant Trovo to provide PUBG MOBILE players and teams with a new opportunity to compete for various rewards.

The companies are joining forces to establish a $2,000 monthly prize pool that will be distributed to teams and tournament organizers. Challengermode will tap into Trovo’s broadcasting capabilities and help create more excitement and awareness for its product.

The pair will get involved with the PUBG Mobile Pro Team Tournament Series, a proposed tournament format that will seek to boost awareness for competitive PUBG and expand the opportunities to explore an esports format for the game. Commenting on this development, Challengermode chief business development officer Philip Hubner said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be hosting Trovo Titans’ PUBG Mobile Pro Team Tournament Series. Trovo’s focus on mobile gaming perfectly aligns with Challengermode’s goal of making esports accessible to as many people as possible.”

Challengermode chief business development officer Philip Hubner

Challengermode is determined to continue and support competitive play and also explore fresh opportunities for various games and their players, Hubner confirmed. The platform’s mission statement is to allow grassroots communities to “level up.”

Mobile Esports Needs More Representation Argues Trovo’s Boss

The platform is one of few to truly focus on grassroots esports and solely on them. The prize pools are tailored in a way that usually attracts semi-professionals or aspiring esports professionals, giving a fair competition and raising the bar in an accessible manner.

Challengermode’s revenue model is funded from the players who participate and generate revenue, but this is immediately poured back into the platform and its prize pools to ensure that grassroots esports get a fair shot.

Trovo will make sure that apart from covering the monthly tournaments, it will also have a dedicated broadcast for PUBG Mobile Pro Team Tournament Series. Trovo senior operations manager Allen Chan is equally enthusiastic about the alliance.

According to Chan, mobile gaming is the leading vertical, and yet, the mobile esports scene remains heavily underrepresented. However, this could change, argues Chan, who sees the partnership with Challengermode as a step forward.

“We want to empower PUBG MOBILE,” says the executive. This empowerment won’t be down to individual teams, regions, or players. It will span the globe and offer everyone a fair shot.

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