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Published: April 30, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • The event boasted around 146,000 average viewers across its nearly 80-hour airtime
  • This is just 10,000 less than the ESL One Birmingham 2019
  • Russian-speaking broadcast platforms made up a huge part of the viewership

With almost 330K peak viewers, ESL One Birmingham 2024 almost reaches the same numbers as its 2019 counterpart.

Event Records Big Viewership

ESL One Birmingham 2024 is one of this year’s most important events on the competitive Dota 2 scene. Naturally, this drew in hundreds of thousands of online viewers to the tournament. In fact, this made the ESL One Birmingham the seventh most viewed ESL One Dota 2 event of all time.

With a record peak viewership of 328,345, according to stats tracking platform Esports Charts, this event can be compared to its 2019 counterpart, which recorded about 30,000 more viewers. ESL One Birmingham 2024 also garnered an average viewership of 146,560 across its nearly 80-hour airtime, around 10,000 less than in 2019.

This year’s event marks the first ESL One tournament to be held in Birmingham since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. That year was supposed to host another edition of the event, but that was canceled and moved to an online setting instead. However, considering this year’s stats, it’s safe to say that the event has recovered well.

For comparison, last year’s ESL One events in Kuala Lumpur and Berlin recorded 338,239 and 507,620 peak viewers, respectively. However, it should be noted that the latter tournament was a Dota 2 Valve Major, which naturally drew in much larger crowds.

Here Are Some More Details

Perhaps it is safe to assume that the most-watched match of the whole event was the grand finals. They saw Team Falcons defeat BetBoom to win ESL One Birmingham 2024 and, lift the first-place trophy above their heads, and take home the grand prize of $300,000.

Alongside winning the event, Team Falcons was also the most watched organization at the tournament with over 4.4 million hours watched. Predictably, BetBoom placed second with 3.3 million hours.

Another interesting thing observed at the ESL One Birmingham 2024 Is the fact that Russian-speaking platforms recorded the second-highest peak viewership. With over 120,971 fans concurrently tuning in to the event, these platforms place themselves just behind the 136,226 peak viewers of the English platforms. Russia was also the most represented in terms of players with 18% of all those competing representing the country.

The next and final tournament in the ESL Pro Tour will be DreamLeague Season 23, so it will be interesting to see if that event will top these stats.

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