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Published: April 13, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Tencent announced that the invincibility bug in PUBG Mobile has been weeded out and fans shouldn’t worry about it
  • The bug randomly made some players invincible, allowing them to get away with hits that would have otherwise been lethal
  • The issue affected two major esports competitions, much to the disgruntlement of some of the participants

Tencent has finally solved the notorious invincibility bug that plagued PUBG Mobile.

Tencent Patched Up the Issue

PUBG Mobile’s invincibility issue is not more after the developers quickly addressed the problem. The notorious bug was noticed during the PUBG Mobile Pro League in North America and Indonesia but has now been fixed, Tencent claims.

The bug in question appeared in one of the latest patches and is highly game-breaking. As its nickname suggests, the issue randomly causes a player to become invincible, thus impeding the natural flow of the game and providing the affected player with an unfair advantage. The invincibility bug was even seen in esports competitions, completely ruining some players’ kills by making their opponents immune to damage.

Luckily, Tencent heeded to fans’ loud demands and quickly leaped into action. After doing some quick work on the bug, the tech giant announced that the problem has been resolved and fans needn’t worry about it.

The Bug Ruined Two Games

Sadly, the bug managed to affect not one but two major esports competitions before going down. The first one was the PUBG Mobile Pro League in North America where two players from the Lazarus organization reported that they couldn’t defeat vampBenny despite clearly hitting him multiple times. The affected player greatly benefitted from the bug and took down multiple enemies thanks to it. Lazarus’ players reported the bug, helping to spread awareness about the issue and prompt Tencent to act quickly.

The bug also appeared during the PUBH Mobile Pro League in Indonesia. The issue affected NiKK from Onic around the end of a game on Erangel. The invincibility allowed NiKK to singlehandedly defeat three of Bigetron’s players, greatly benefitting his own team. The bug didn’t go unnoticed and the PUBG Mobile esports team for Indonesia announced that it will investigate the case.

Because of how the bug affected the aforementioned games, Tencent may compensate some of the teams. As of the time of this writing, the company is yet to announce if and how it will reimburse the affected players.

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