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Published: April 26, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • ION Esports defeated its opponents and placed first at the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia 2022
  • The team was only two points ahead of EVOS Reborn which finished in second place 
  • Bigetron, one of the favorites, fell to fourth place and lost its chance to go directly to the SEA Spring Championship

ION Esports became the champion of the PMPL Indonesia after beating EVOS Reborn’s score. Bigetron wasn’t so lucky and placed fourth as it fell one point behind RRQ RYU.

ION Esports Won the Event

The esports organization ION Esports has won the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia 2022 by rising above its competition during the event’s grand finals. The team has won the lion’s share of the prize pool and will take $34,050 back home. It has also secured its place at the SEA Spring Championship.

ION Esports will be followed to the championship by two other teams – EVOS Reborn which placed second and RRQ RYU which placed third. EVOS had almost beaten ION to the first place as the latter team lost steam during the last game on Erangel. ION managed to barely keep its overall advantage despite falling to 12th place in the last game. In the end of the tournament, ION Esports had 214 points and EVOS Reborn had 212.

A similar situation saw the third and fourth-placing teams lock horns in a desperate race over the last spot at the SEA Spring Championship. RRQ RYU secured third place at the event by the skin of its teeth as it almost lost to Bigetron. Bigetron finished the event with 202 points and was one point short of a tie with RRQ RYU.  

Bigetron Didn’t Do Its Best

 This development is unfortunate for Bigetron as the team was one of the favorites and many fans believed it would be the one to be crowned champion. While RRQ RYU managed to get into the Spring Championship, things aren’t as rosy for Bigetron. The team’s underperformance is attributed to its terrible matchups in the last day of the Pro League where it barely scored 11 points.

Bigetron isn’t completely out of contention though as the athletes will have one more shot during the play-ins for the SEA Spring Championship. It is interesting to see if the team will be able to replicate the success it had in the early stages of the Pro League while avoiding burning out.

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