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Published: May 8, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Korean LoL player will be leaving pro play and streaming
  • He said he might return as a coach or streamer in the future

Ssumday is breaking his decade-long League of Legends career as he is off to complete his mandatory military service.

Ssumday Announces Retirement

Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho is without a doubt one of the best Korean League of Legends players out there. Unfortunately, this has come to an end, at least temporarily, as recently, the 27-year-old has announced he will be retiring from competition, stating his mandatory military service as one of the reasons.

A veteran of both the LCK and the LCS, Ssumday will be concluding a decadelong career. In his retirement message on Twitter, the player explained that after he’s finished with his military service, he might focus on coaching or streaming. He even floated the idea of potentially getting another job outside of League of Legends.

“To my fans. I’ve been trying to be a proud player that you can brag about supporting Ssumday and I’ve lived like that,” the player wrote in his message. “I’m not sure if I’ve done that well, but I think I’ve done a good job because there are still a lot of people supporting me. Thank you for making me a special person while being a professional league player.”

Ssumday Leaves a Stellar Legacy

The player started his life in professional League of Legends through KT Rolster’s illustrious academy program. This eventually led to a playoff spot at his first Worlds appearance for the main squad in 2015. Two years later, Ssumday moved to North America to play for Dignitas in 2017.

From there, the player’s popularity grew further as in 2018 he joined 100 Thieves in the new org’s inaugural split. He was crucial for the team’s success that year, reaching the split grand final but were bested by Team Liquid before the team was bundled out of Worlds 2018 just shy of a playoff spot.

However, this setback did not stop Ssumday’s progress. For the next four years, he headed 100 Thieves top lane. During that time, he claimed an LCS championship in 2021 but once again fell just shy of a Worlds playoff spot despite splitting the series against eventual champions EDward Gaming.

Ssumday’s tenure at 100T was put on pause in Spring 2023 after a surprising move to Evil Geniuses. However, the player eventually returned to 100 Thieves with a vengeance in the Summer. Unfortunately, this did not help the squad find its old glory, ending the 2023 season in eighth place.

Following the end of the season, Ssumday entered free agency but stayed with 100T as a streamer and content creator. With his military service now on the horizon, his fans will have to wait and see if he will return to the field after, or if he will do something else.

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