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Published: May 10, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The player recently talked very positively about the UMP-45
  • He says it’s quite easy to use because of its relatively low recoil and good damage
  • EliGE explained there is still much more experimentation to be done

EliGE has been using the UMP-45 a lot in eco rounds at the ESL Pro League Season 19 and praised the gun for its ease of use and damage.

The Player Talks About the UMP

It’s safe to say that Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski knows a thing or two about professional Counter-Strike. He has been one of the best riflers in the field for years so his advice to other players, be they pro or casual, can be quite helpful. Recently EliGE talked about how the underrated UMP-45 is actually quite useful.

CS2’s meta is constantly changing and pro players always try to stay atop. Recently, EliGE has been competing alongside his team Complexity at the ESL Pro League Season 19. During the tournament, EliGE participated in the Talking Counter podcast, where he explained why he’s using UMP-45, contrary to what most other players are doing.

According to the 26-year-old player, the gun is easy to use as the bullet spray is very controllable. You really just pull down, and everything is going to go straight. Really easy recoil,” EliGE said. He said that enemies “just melt” if they don’t have armor, which is often the case in eco rounds, where players often buy SMGs to save money. However, even armored enemies in full buy rounds “they die really, really fast,” according to the player.

What Are the Alternatives to UMP45?

EliGE has been quite busy in recent weeks during Complexity’s run through the ESL Pro League Season 19. Fans who have followed the event might have noticed that the player has not been buying UMP-45 on every occasion. Instead, he stated that the MP9 and MAC-10 are better but maintained that he’s still going to further experiment with the UMP and see where this goes.

Many other pros, and casual players alike use the former two as they have a higher rate of fire and also a marginally larger magazine and faster reload speed. However, the UMP-45 beats them in raw damage and armor penetration and also has a more manageable recoil, which is perfect for players who aren’t that good in CS2, like the author of this article. The UMP-45 also costs almost the same as the MAC-10 and MP9, making it quite a viable option in eco rounds.

In any case, EliGE’s experiments will continue. On Saturday, he will go up against MOUZ who defeated G2 recently to secure a semi-finals spot in EPL S19. Perhaps then we will see EliGE’s plays with the UMP.

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