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Published: January 19, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • More content has been added to Dota 2’s new battle pass
  • Fans can win an event-exclusive courier by playing Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum
  • Additionally, eighteen new item sets have been added for characters of the community’s choosing

The year has just begun but Valve is already delivering by introducing a ton of new content to Dota 2 and the Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum event.

Dota 2 Spices Up the Battle Pass and the Event Mode

Dota 2 is now celebrating 2022 with a new update that provides more content for players to grind for. A plethora of rewards has been added to the current battle pass, incentivizing players to get them all. Furthermore, Dota 2 enthusiasts can earn some event-exclusive prizes by playing the special seasonal event, Aghanim’s Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum.

Additionally, Valve announced that the event itself will be getting an update that will diversify the special rewards and add more gameplay objectives. By playing the exclusive gauntlet style event mode, players will be able to earn the Aghanim the Wisest courier. To do so they have to save each of the different multiverse mages.

Eighteen Fan-Inspired Item Sets Have Been Introduced

The Aghanim’s 2021 Collector’s Cache rewards have also been updated. Valve has listened to fan feedback and has included 18 brand new item sets for the 18 fan-favorite heroes: Chaos Knight, Ogre Magi, Dragon Knight, Phantom Lancer, Dawnbreaker, Clockwerk, Phantom Assassin, Razor, Ancient Apparition, Chen, Grimstroke, Broodmother, Mars, Rubick, Drow Ranger, Alchemist, Axe and Abaddon.

The 18 characters were selected by a community voting round. Here are the results:

  • Chaos Knight – 366,364 votes
  • Ogre Magi – 362,974 votes
  • Dragon Knight – 309,696 votes
  • Phantom Lancer – 308,474 votes
  • Dawnbreaker – 299,750 votes
  • Clockwerk – 287,363 votes
  • Phantom Assassin – 284,424 votes
  • Razor – 270,227 votes
  • Ancient Apparition – 256,453 votes
  • Chen – 246,221 votes
  • Grimstroke – 242,631 votes
  • Broodmother – 240,884 votes
  • Mars – 235,436 votes
  • Rubick – 233,860 votes
  • Drow Ranger – 224,878 votes
  • Alchemist – 217,552 votes
  • Axe – 215,059 votes
  • Abaddon – 209,704 votes

The designs of the new items are based on artwork by various Dota 2 fans, making the new content heavily community-centered.

Players can purchase a Collector’s Cache of their choice for $2.49. This offer is available only until the end of the battle pass, so fans should hurry up. Lastly, Dota 2 enthusiasts should have in mind that each treasure they open has a chance of dropping them an extra rare item. Even if the players don’t like that extra item, they can always scrap it to gain 2 battle levels to their battle passes. If a player opens 15 treasures, they will gain 36 battle levels.

Fans should hurry up, lest they miss the exciting new content. Even if players end up running late, they should remember that they can always purchase some battle levels.

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