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Published: May 9, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players will no longer get their reloads canceled when sprinting
  • Other issues with reloading have also been remedied
  • However, bugs regarding Skidrow and some items in the progression system still remain

Modern Warfare III devs fix the tactical sprint bug that terrorized players for a week, but not much else was added in the latest patch.

CoD: MWIII Reloading Issue Fixed

No matter how well a game is designed and built, there can always be various bugs in it, and CoD: Modern Warfare III is no exception to that rule. In recent weeks, gamers have been plagued by a certain glitch that has been fixed in version 1.044.000.

For an entire week, the tactical sprint bug more than annoyed players. It arrived with the Season Three Reloaded update on May 1 and appeared when using a certain controller setting. Whenever a player would reload, but start moving, then the reload would be canceled. This would put them in a disadvantageous situation where they would often get outgunned thanks to a very poorly timed reload.

One workaround that gamers found was to change up their preset buttons, Of course, this would mean getting used to a new layout, which was still rather annoying and put players in a bad situation. Fortunately, this was fixed, as said in the official patch notes.

According to the MWIII notes, in particular, this bug had to do with the Commando Gloves perk. However, the Warzone notes simply read the patch “fixed the issue causing automatic tactical sprint to interrupt attempts to reload a weapon”. Regardless, the bug should be gone now once the update is installed, so players can return to their automatic tactical sprinting ways.

What Else Was In the Patch Notes

It seems that this week’s patch notes focused more on fixing this issue than anything else. The update contained no new Warzone content, instead prioritizing repairing bugs and issues within the game. One other important fix is the annoying bug that was causing the Prioritize Interact setting on controllers to prevent users from reloading.

Despite the devs giving the much-needed attention to these problems, others still remain. The Skidrow map still has some collision issues, for example. However, perhaps the most annoying problem with MWIII currently is in regards to its progression system. In Ranked Play, the Scratch 20-L suppressor, EMD Mine, and Enhanced Vision Goggles Field Upgrade are still banned.

It’s unknown when the devs will address these issues, so for now, players will simply have to deal with the absence of these items.

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