Valorant is one of the most popular esports games in the world. Today, this Riot Games first-person shooter is also one of the most wagered-on titles on the market. Esports bookmakers have made sure to feature all big tournaments and events and offer you a mix of pre-game and in-play betting options. So, you are probably wondering what the best Valorant betting sites are and where to find them and we are here to help you out.

Do not worry as our team has put together a quick guide on all you need to know about Valorant gambling, from the top betting sites available to a breakdown of the main tournaments, such as Valorant Champions Tour, and Valorant bets. Get all you need to know about online Valorant gambling sites in one place!

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Best Online Valorant Betting Sites

Here, you will discover a full list of the best Valorant betting sites and what they have to offer you. We have featured only the best brands that bring you the most worthwhile and competitive Valorant odds and websites that have an impeccable reputation in the community.

We have reviewed each of the brands available here to bring you the best Valorant gambling experiences possible. Each of the sites provides coverage of the top Valorant matches, offers great odds for both pre-game and live betting events, and so much more.

Valorant betting markets bring you great opportunities to turn your knowledge of the game, teams, and individual players into a payday. To get there, you still need to choose an esports betting site that offers you the best fixtures, betting types, and markets.

How We Pick the Top Valorant Betting Sites

We have a trusted and reliable process for bringing you the best Valorant betting sites. Our team looks at a number of criteria that will help you always end up picking the best website that offers competitive Valorant odds and great real money markets. Here are the criteria we look into.

Valorant Betting Markets Variety

Another factor that we do consider is the availability of enough Valorant markets to explore in the first place. A great Valorant betting site should be able to bring a solid variety of bet types, such as outright winners, spreads, totals, handicaps, props, and so much more. We analyze the available market offer at each website and issue our recommendations accordingly.

Competitive Valorant Odds

To have the best possible experience, you will definitely want to get your hands on some of the most competitive odds. This is where EsportsGrizzly’s experts will take a good stock of the available odds on the market and only bring you Valorant betting odds that offer the best value against the money you have wagered.

In-Play Features

Another big part of the experience is the availability of in-play and live betting features. Players who are new to the experience will definitely appreciate the fact that they have the opportunity to place wagers on events that are taking place in real time, offering a chance for fans and players to be even closer to the game experience.

Great Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is an absolute must as the majority of Valorant bettors are Gen Z and Millennials, and they have long come to expect impeccable mobile service. That is why our team will always look into how reliable the mobile experience is at the best Valorant betting sites and only bring you those that guarantee you a top-of-the-range Android and iOS service.

Spot-on Customer Support

Any online betting experience feels better if you know that there is dedicated customer support to help you out with any questions that you may have. Esports betting sites that cover Valorant markets and games are no exception. Therefore, we look into the level of support that each Valorant betting site offers.

Types of Valorant Bets

There are many different types of Valorant bets that you can pick. We will outline some of the main ones and encourage you to explore the ones that you feel the most comfortable with. Here is a list of nearly all wagers you can place on Valorant tournaments and Valorant matches!

Match Bets

Match bets are the simplest form of wager that you will discover at Valorant gambling sites. Their premise is simple. You pick a team and bet on it to win outright. This is pretty much how it works and match bets are recommended for anyone who is new to Valorant betting sites in general.

In-play Wagers

The best Valorant betting site out there will definitely have in-play markets available. These wagers are based on the live betting experience where you can gamble on the outcome of events as games are still unfolding. It’s one of the most popular markets even though it’s admittedly much harder than match betting.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are a very interesting type of wager. Essentially, you are going to use your specialist knowledge of the game to make a prediction about a certain, more specific outcome. One such outcome may be which team would draw first blood, which team would secure X objective first, and so much more.

Tournament Winner

Tournament winner wagers are based on the outcome of an entire competition. In this case, players are betting on which team will win an event in the competitive Valorant scene, such as the VCT or another third-party event.

Correct Score

Correct score bets are precisely what they sound like. You will go to a betting site that accepts real money wagers on Valorant and predict the exact score you think a game is going to turn out between the two teams participating. Getting the score correct is harder, but Valorant bookies will pay you better if you do get it right.

Spread Bets

Spread bets are a type of handicap bet where you are betting on a team to win minus or plus the handicap. A spread bet of 1.5 means that you are going to give your team 1.5 kills in the final scoring for the purposes of settling the bet, whereas a spread of -1.5 means that the team loses that many points for the purposes of the final scoring.


The totals are a type of bet where you are betting not on an individual Valorant game, or rather – on the team or player to win, but rather on the total points that will be scored during the entire game. It’s usually a bet that tries to guess whether there will be more or fewer points than the ones that the bookmaker has posited.

Valorant Betting Odds

Valorant betting odds are actually not so difficult to track. In fact, most Valorant bookies will always stick to the decimal format for your odds. This is to say that odds of 1.50 means that for every $1 you bet, you can expect a return of $1.50 – this includes your own stake, though, so you make around $0.50 depending on what small fee the bookie charges on your bets.

To get the best value, you will want the best odds. This is where Esports Grizzly comes in to help you discover the most trusted online Valorant bookmakers which happen to also bring you the most worthwhile odds. We recommend picking from our list of Valorant esports betting sites as there are tons of brands that focus on only delivering the most worthwhile odds.

Valorant Betting Tips

To be a successful Valorant bettor you will probably want to keep a few things in mind. There are some universal truths about placing an esports bet (on Valoarnt included) that will help guide you through the entire process and may even help you win along the way. Here are the tips you should probably always remember when betting on Valorant.

#1 Start with Match Bets

Your first type of bet you place should be the “match bet.” Do not worry about understanding the myriad of other options – and especially the prop bets. Just get a feeling of what Valorant bookmakers have to offer first and how it all works together. Once you get the hang of Valorant betting, you are free to progress to some of the more challenging, exciting, and arguably rewarding bet types such as Parlays.

#2 Don’t Break the Bank

Similarly to our first piece of advice, we strongly recommend that you do not go on a limb when betting on Valorant matches and games. Start small, pace yourself, and remember to have fun. Valorant’s competitive scene is huge and there is no need for you to bet it all at once. Place bets carefully and focus on having fun. Do not ever go over your set budget and do not spend too much at the same time.

#3 Find out More about the Teams and Players

If you want to truly turn your wagers into winners, you will need to find out more about the teams and players that participate in the competitive scene. This means following the games that are currently being played and developing your knowledge gradually. There is no need to overthink and overanalyze, but if you spend some time studying stats, rosters, and performance by individual teams and players you are likely to have a better time at placing a wager.

#4 Watch Valorant for Fun

Not least, remember to always watch and enjoy Valorant for fun. Join the official broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch and follow the game. The best Valorant betting sites can provide you with a ton of markets, great odds, and even free bets to explore, but it’s down to you to watch and enjoy the game, so that you may develop a better understanding of how to succeed at real money Valorant bookmakers.

#5 Do Not Think about “Profit”

One of the biggest mistakes that new Valorant bettors make is to focus on “profit.” There are some things you should be doing – for example, you don’t want to bet on odds with potentially low-profit margins. However, you want to remind yourself that what you do is all for the sake of having fun and not necessarily to make a profit. Valorant betting is meant as a form of entertainment, so keep this in mind, and definitely do not try to make up for a few lost bets along the way.

Valorant Betting FAQs

Is Valorant gambling for real money safe and legit?

Yes, betting on Valorant games is safe and legit. You need to pick from our top Valorant betting sites to have the best possible experience, however. Just choose a brand that has a good reputation in the Valorant esports community and bet there.

Can I bet on Valorant games online?

Yes, all Valorant betting sites will let you bet online through the desktop website or even a dedicated app. You have many excellent bookmakers to pick from and bet real money on Valorant games.

Can you bet on Valorant games that are being played?

Yes, live betting is available on nearly all online Valorant bookmakers. In-play bets are placed as a game is being played and they are some of the most popular options and wagering markets today.

Where do I find the best real money Valorant bookmakers?

Right here. We have listed all the top Valorant gambling websites that bring you the best esports odds, fixtures, and free bets among others. Pick from Esports Grizzly’s list of trusted Valorant betting brands today.

What are the best esports betting markets for Valorant?

Match bets are the best types of wagers you can place on Valorant events if you are getting started. Once you are more experienced, you can move into live betting.

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