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Published: May 3, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games has finally responded to LoL fans’ complaints that the new anti-cheat breaks computers
  • According to the devs, just 0.03% of League of Legends players have actually reported any issues⁠
  • They also said that Vanguard has performed spectacularly well in its first 24 hours

A day after the launch of its anti-cheat software Riot Games addressed fans’ complaints, saying most issues were related to “common error codes” or driver incompatibilities.

Riot Responds to Players

Whenever new software is added to a game there almost always teething issues that may negatively impact the players’ experience. Such also seems to be the case with League of Legends as Riot Games recently added its Vanguard anti-cheat software to the title. However, many players complained that Vanguard “bricks” their computers and implored Riot to fix the problems. Last night, Riot Games finally addressed the backlash, saying that just 0.03% of League of Legends players have actually reported any issues⁠.

In a lengthy response on Reddit, the company said the problems related more to “common error codes” or driver incompatibilities rather than anything more nefarious. In particular, the devs firmly stated they had not yet confirmed any instances of the anti-cheat software breaking PC, which was a complaint that seemingly flooded social media yesterday.

“Since 14.9 went live, fewer than 0.03% of players have reported issues with Vanguard. In most cases, these are common error codes such as VAN codes 128, 152, 1067, -81, 9001, or 68 that are easily solved through player support or troubleshooting, and account for the vast majority of issues we are seeing,” Riot’s statement reads. “There are also a few trickier situations that have popped up that we’re actively looking into; driver incompatibilities for example. If you’re running into issues like this please contact Player Support.”

Yesterday many fans complained that Vanguard is “bricking” their PC, with some rather notable LoL players also supporting these claims. According to many affected players, the anti-cheat software’s kernel-related operations prevented other programs from functioning correctly, leading to computers being “bricked”. However, Riot vehemently denied this to be the case, saying “we have not confirmed any instances of Vanguard bricking anyone’s hardware.”

How Has Vanguard Performed So Far?

Despite all the negative backlash from a part of the LoL community, Riot said the launch of the anti-0cheat software was a great success. According to the devs, around 200 games were terminated and more than 1,500 offending players were automatically banned in the first 24 hours. And this happened while Vanguard is still rolling out in monitor mode.

It is expected that Riot Games will soon roll out more updates for Vanguard as the program is being further fleshed out. Community manager Riot Sakaar promised to keep fans in the loop and implored them to contact the devs if they encounter any problems.

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