With a global audience of 8 million fans and players, Dota 2 is easily one of the staple esports games of our time. While many people appreciate tuning in to catch a live stream at joinDOTA or Twitch, there is growing momentum for Dota 2 betting. That is what we have come to discuss here.

Esports Grizzly will provide you with a list of some of the best Dota 2 betting sites and help you make a trusted choice. Players are welcome to explore the sections below, so they place their next Dota bet prepared. Whether you wager on the DPC or The International, we have actionable Dota 2 betting tips and site recommendations to offer.

If you are looking to make the most out of your experience, we recommend having a quick look below as you will want to bet on Dota 2 matches in real-time, pre-game, and probably call the winner of TI as early into the season as possible. Below is everything you need to know about the MOBA known as Dota 2 and how to bet on it.

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Top Betting Sites for Dota 2?

What makes a great esports betting site? That is a question we have pondered over again and again. In the case of Dota 2, we pick and list websites with proven history and community backing. All the websites we list have a license and are recognized as excellent Dota 2 betting facilities. For players who are new to the hobby, we will introduce you to those sites that bring the best value. Below is a list of the best esports sites that have a good focus on Dota as one of their offered markets. Here is our list of top picks.

  • Rivalry: This esports betting site is easily one of the most respected and trusted sources of Dota 2 bets out there. Rivalry is a fully esports-focused operator that covers numerous real-money markets and allows you to bet using great and reliable odds. You won’t find many bonuses here, but you will enjoy free-to-play games and numerous other features.
  • Betway: It’s often said that Betway is one of the earliest adopters of esports betting, and that is true. Dota 2 is one of the staple betting markets that are on offer on the website today. Players who are eager to benefit from excellent free bet offers or get odds boosters underway will find Betway a spot-on bookmaker.
  • Pinnacle: When esports was still very young, Pinnacle was the only site to embrace it fully. As a result, the company provides you with some of the best Dota betting markets and makes it easy to claim a bonus as well as benefit from match-winner, proposition, and future bets across the board.
  • GGBet: GGBet is built around the idea of bringing esports fans together. As such, the bookmaker is one of the best Dota 2 betting sites we have to offer you today. It features a generous bonus to get you started, and it makes sure that you will have all popular selections shortlisted, whether those have to do with first blood or match winners, total kills, or assists.
  • Bitcasino: is a new esports bookmaker which was borne out of a partnership with Evil Geniuses, a respected powerhouse in the competitive video gaming space. The bookmaker uses an intuitive platform to empower the betting experience across the board. You can bet on all mainstream Dota 2 markets and then some.

Every bookmaker on the list will cover Dota 2 events extensively, bringing you real money value if you bet on them. The odds are fair, but it often makes sense to keep a few accounts handy so that you can quickly reference if some website has posted slightly better odds for a given event.

How Dota 2 Betting Works

Betting on Dota 2 is a simple enough process. You ought to pick a website you like and know you can trust, deposit real money, and get started by choosing the selections you feel comfortable with. Esports betting is predicated on how mainstream bookmakers do business.

Essentially, Dota 2 betting sites will offer odds for each event and what the chances of that event happening are. You will choose which side to pick and back, as well as focus on a particular betting market that you think has the best chance of succeeding.

Once you do, the bookmaker will display something called a “bet slip.” The bet slip is the place where you enter the amount you wish to bet. All bookmakers that are worth their salt have to display what your potential return is.

If you are happy with the numbers, you can click “bet” and log in to your bet in the system. The bet slip will also allow you to also browse your bets history and check in on any ongoing bets that you may have. Betting on Dota 2 is very intuitive, and short of setting a familiar format for odds, that is, American, Decimal, or Fraction, there is very little that may prove too much of a challenge.

Once you are all settled in, making a bet on Dota should be easy enough. Just so that we have covered everything, we will walk you through the process.

How to Get Started with Dota 2 Betting Sites

Betting sites make the experience easy to get involved with. If you want to jump in and bet on Dota 2, it will be best to know how those websites work as well. Essentially, you will have to find a website that accepts bets on Dota. When you do, you will simply have to register.

Please pay attention that all websites listed in our library expect you to be of the legal gambling age, which in most cases is 18+. If there are certain exceptions or extraordinary rules to that age in the jurisdiction where you are based, you should know about them as well.

Once you are registered, the betting site may ask you to confirm your identity. This is part of the KYC and AML process in place to protect players. With this sorted out, you are ready to start betting. As explained before, you need to choose a selection you want to bet on. There are various markets and odds you can discover.

Some fans want to bet on just match winners, whereas others would also like to try some of the more challenging wagers, such as propositions: First Blood, Map Winner, The First Team to Kill Roshan, and so on. There are numerous bets to explore, and the best Dota 2 betting sites will make sure that you have all the options.

To get started, you may simply choose to register at one of the options we have listed readily for you in the best Dota 2 betting sites section. It’s easy to get settled in, and your esports betting does feel better when you bet with a recommended brand.

Types of Data 2 Bets & Markets

Another thing to keep in mind is the variety of available betting markets. To bet on Dota means to know all there is about the game, and that includes understanding the possible betting selections you can make. There are numerous Dota 2 bets, but you will notice that most betting sites will stick with some main options before branching off into the more “exotic” type of wagers. The brief list below explains them:

  • Match Winner
  • Totals
  • Proposition

The main type of Dota 2 bet is called a Match Winner, and there you simply select which team is most likely to win. There will always be odds displayed. Odds of 1.50 means that for every $1 you bet, you will get $1.50 back (this includes the money you have bet). The higher up the odds go, the smaller the chances of a team winning are.

However, you also stand to benefit from a better payout if you bet on a team winning at 5.00 than a team winning at 1.35. Apart from Match Winners, you have the Totals. Totals or Under/Over asks you to bet whether a certain number of points, kills, assists, or structures would be destroyed. You can similarly bet on how many games there are going to be in a Best of 5 series, for example.

The totals ask you to bet on whether a certain point threshold will be reached or missed. Then you have the so-called Proposition Bets. They are quite varied, and in each game, they will be different. Most gambling sites that offer Dota 2 markets, though, will ask you to bet on which of the two teams is going to Draw First BloodKill RoshanDestroy First Enemy Structure, and so on.

There are numerous bets that fall under the Proposition category that spice up your game. All gambling sites will approach the Proposition section slightly differently.

Betting on Dota 2 Live

You can always bet on Dota 2 matches in real-time, adding more excitement to your betting game. Live bets on Dota, also known as in-play, are an exciting aspect of the game. They allow you to place a wager on a match that is in progress, betting on either team. The betting sites will prompt you to make changes to your gameplay in real-time as the game progresses.

In-play betting is a bit more challenging than betting on a game ahead of schedule, but for many Dota 2 fans who understand esports, it’s perhaps the best way to engage with the game. There are always live streams available at the top esports bookmakers covering Dota 2, giving you more access to the gameplay and boosting your satisfaction from watching esports. Streams are important, and so is live betting on Dota 2 games, and guess what? The esports betting sites we recommend will always have live bets running.

Dota 2 Betting Bonuses & Promotions

There are different bonuses and promotions available for Dota 2 out there. Players will be very welcome to explore them in their entirety. Not all betting sites offer an esports bonus. Some consider that it’s a bit of a waste, as most esports fans want to focus on the odds and bets rather than scooping up a bonus.

Regardless, if you want to claim a great bonus, Betway maybe your top choice. The bookmaker often features a $10 free bet and features numerous odds boosts for individual games as part of important Dota 2 tournaments. The bookmaker is known for offering all sorts of excellent promos that will not come as a hindrance to your esports betting experience but as the means to elevate it.

Bitcasino may be another excellent choice. The operator prides itself on the fact that it has zero wagering requirements. In other words, you would never have to play through your winnings to cash them out. There are various Dota 2 promotions to benefit from, and most will require a deposit.

Whether it’s a welcome bonus or a reload, a loyalty, or an odds booster, there is always a way to get ahead. Then again, you have the free bets offered by some of the best Dota 2 betting sites, which should also be factored in when you play.

How to Pick a Dota 2 Betting Site

The easiest way to choose a Dota 2 betting site is to pick from our recommended list. Fans can rest assured that the betting sites we have listed offer some of the best markets. If you are keen on finding whether a bookmaker meets your standards, there are numerous factors to check yourself. Here is what we usually check for to make sure that a Dota 2 bookie is up to the industry standards.

  • Reputation: Reputation is key. Esports communities are organic, and they give credit where credit is due. Conversely, esports fans have no trouble calling a brand for what it is. Therefore, any bookmaker that asks you to bet on its platform must sit and pass community judgment.
  • Market variety: Just because you have Dota 2 listed as a betting option doesn’t mean the bookmaker got it right. Fans always want to see a variety of tournaments and matches available. There are many competitive events in the Dota 2 season, and a good bookie will cover all of them.
  • Live streams: As an added pro to the experience, players are welcome to explore the streams. We hold it obligatory for bookmakers to have streams in real-time so that Dota 2 fans can always follow with the action up close.
  • In-play betting: We always double-check for live betting options. Dota fans are pretty particular about having access to all worthwhile betting markets, and that includes live wagers. That is why our team checks for the feature’s availability but also its overall functionality.
  • Quick banking: No Dota 2 fan has to struggle with deposits and withdrawals. That is why we make sure to test how quick and reliable the payment methods at each website are. We test speed, minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, and the overall usefulness of each method.

Big Data 2 Tournaments to Bet On

For those of you looking to wager on Dota 2, you will probably want to do so on some of the biggest events for the game. Now, the Dota 2 betting sites we recommend will always feature worthwhile picks. That is why it’s a good idea to know which events matter. Essentially, a tournament that features any of the big names in esports.

Dota 2 has no real ranking list outside of the Dota Pro Circuit, so if you are new to this battle arena game, you can just reference the DPC rankings from a year before or the current ones. The DPC for 2021 will give you a great idea about how good the best 50 or so teams in the world are. You generally want to focus on the top 10 as they are the most likely ones to participate in various Dota 2 tournaments, and especially the S-tier ones.

With this in mind, some events will be big and others not as much. There are still some milestones on the Dota 2 calendar that you simply cannot miss out on. Here is a quick list to help you understand how this works.

  • Dota Pro Circuit (DPC): The Dota 2 Circuit is the entire season of competitive events in which teams compete to secure a spot in The International. The DPC is hosted by numerous organizations, to name WePlay, ESL, DreamHack, Blast, and others. These hosts will often change from one year to the next, but as long as they are organizing a DPC event, you can rest assured that this is one of the biggest tournaments to bet on.
  • The International: The International is the crowning event of Dota 2 esports. Prize pools have reached $40 million in real money rewards that players and teams can walk away with. In fact, The International 10 had the largest prize pool of $40 million ever recorded for a single online video game. The TI10 winners of Team Spirit took home $18.2 million home.
  • Other S-tier events: The good thing about the Dota 2 community is that S-tier events do happen even if they are not part of the DPC. Put simply, a host, whether this is WePlay, EPIC LEAGUE, Star Ladder or someone else, may choose to muster up the investment and invite some of the best esports teams outside of the DPC during a regular season. These are other events you want to bet on.

The best way to stay all caught up to what tournaments are going on out there is to make sure you drop by the Dota 2 news section here at Esports Grizzly. We make sure to bring you the latest updates on what to expect from the competitive world and what Dota 2 tournament options you will be able to bet on this month and throughout the season.

Dota 2 Betting Odds

Dota 2 betting odds are usually expressed as decimals. This gives you a quick and intuitive way to find out all you need about an upcoming match and the teams that participate in it. The decimals will essentially tell you which team is the favorite and which one is the underdog. There is merit in knowing how to read the odds and having a quick reference to them.

Now, you may see Dota 2 odds displayed as Moneyline and Fractions on occasion, but the bookmakers we recommend allow you to adjust this back to Decimals. We recommend using this format for your odds as it makes esports betting very easy to follow and understand.

Tips How to Bet on Dota 2 Successfully

There are many ways to enjoy Dota 2 betting and succeed. Knowing where the best tournaments are and what the top teams sure help. However, you can further hone your knowledge of the game by looking at the hand-picked tips that will sum up everything you need to know about making a killing with your next Dota 2 bet.

#1 Don’t Bet for the Sake of It

Many Dota fans want to bet for the sake of it. Yet, we recommend always taking some precautions and making sure that you understand how betting works in the first place. Don’t just pile on the hype but approach each game and selection with understanding. Ask yourself if you know why a certain outcome is more likely than another. If you are struggling with an answer, you are better off not placing a wager at this point.

#2 Best Small Amounts

Consistency is key to any success story. You may want to bet big and make a big windfall, but this is not the way it usually works. It helps to be methodical about your bets and treat every one of those with respect. That is why we advise that you take your time and place small amounts on individual games.

#3 Make Use of the $10 Free Bet

Very often, bookmakers you visit will feature a $10 free bet that you can use right away. While this bet will be pegged to some terms and conditions, it’s still a good option to have. The $10 freebie can be used on any selection that you deem worthy, whether this is a TI game or a regular DPC event, or something else altogether.

#4 Try the Parlays/Accumulators

You can bet a fraction and still end up ahead in the game. The way you can do that is to use the parlays to your advantage. A parlay means placing multiple selections. If you get them all right, you will enjoy a robust payout, even if you were betting $1 on each selection. However, the more selections you add, the greater the chance to fail is. Conversely, with each new selection, your payout will increase by a fair bit.

#5 Stay Focused on a Handful of Teams/Players

Both teams and players are important in Dota betting. You want to know everything there is to know about individual players and gaming squads. This way, you can always be ahead in the game and know what is going on. Focusing on a few players and teams will allow you to be very well-informed and predicate your opinions on that knowledge.


Can I bet on Dota 2 and win real money?

Yes, you can wager on Dota 2 and win real money. In fact, that is the entire idea of esports betting as a concept. You want to bet on Dota 2 matches not just to boost your engagement and satisfaction from watching Dota 2 matches. You also want to make sure to place a wager that will pay off. While esports betting is a recreational activity, it never hurts to try and get it right.

Should I put money on every Dota 2 game?

No, there is really no reason why you should try to bet on every game. Instead, we recommend focusing on those games and teams that you have background information about and would enjoy wagering on. You will develop a better understanding of Dota 2 betting if you narrow down your observations to just a few teams, which will, in turn, help you enjoy yourself better in the long-term by placing more successful wagers.

What’s the most important Dota 2 betting event?

The International. We can easily argue that so far as Dota betting goes, The International is the most important event on the map. It reunites the best teams, all of whom are driven to win the seven-figure prize pool. Every game in this tournament is worth betting on, more or less, but you will still need to understand what each organization’s chances of success are.

Should I try live betting on Dota 2?

In-play or live Dota 2 betting is a great way to spice things up. As one of the major markets in the game, you may be tempted to give it a shot. However, please make sure that you understand that the in-play types of wagers are highly challenging, and they will demand your undivided attention as there are cashout options and the odds are constantly changing.

Yes, for the most part, people who wish to wager on Dota 2 have nothing to really worry about. You can bet on the game freely. There are no limitations as to what wagers you can place on as long as they are supported at your bookmaker. However, it’s possible for a bookmaker not to have an official license in the country you are based.

How old do I have to be to bet on Dota 2?

18 or 21. The age requirement will change depending on where you live. Some Dota 2 betting sites will ask you to be at least 18 to be able to bet. However, others, and especially those based in the United States, will ask for 21 most of the time. The age may change depending on where you live, so make sure to double-check.

Can I bet on Dota 2 with skins?

No. Skin betting is a huge trend, but it’s unfortunately illegal to offer such betting options. A bookmaker that does may be best left alone so as to ensure the safety of your money, skins, and personal data. Some small exceptions do exist, but Valve generally has a zero-tolerance policy towards skins.

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