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Published: April 1, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The PUBG Mobile Esports team has confirmed that the PMPL and PMCO are now canceled
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is what prompted this difficult decision
  • The team had first postponed the PMPL, hoping that things would calm down. Sadly, that did not happen

The PUBG Mobile Esports team announced the cancelation of the CIS editions of the Pro League and Club Open events.

PUBG Mobile Esports Will Continue without CIS

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected yet another esports event, causing the cancelation of the PUBG Mobile Pro League in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. PUBG Esports made the announcement on March 30 and while it did not directly confirm the war is the reason for this, it can safely be concluded that it is the likely cause.

Players can no longer register for either the PUBG Mobile Pro League CIS or PMCO Europe Sub Region: PUBG Mobile Club Open CIS. According to the official announcement, the PMPL European Championship slots will be distributed to the PMPL in Western Europe and Turkey.

The team behind the PUBG Mobile Pro League said that this cancelation was not an easy decision to make but was ultimately one that made sense as it was no longer possible to “maintain a high-quality production and competition worthy of our players and fans.”

The Esports Team Hoped the Conflict Would Calm Down

The CIS Pro League was scheduled to begin on February 14. While the esports championship did start normally, it eventually had to be put on hold once Russia began bombarding Ukraine on February 24. The CIS league has both Russian and Ukrainian citizens participating in it, complicating the situation even further.

At first, the PUBG Mobile esports team postponed the event, hoping that the conflict would quickly reach a peaceful resolution. A month later, there is still no end to the hostilities in sight, which has prompted the organizers to make a difficult decision and cancel this year’s edition of the CIS league.

The other regions’ edition of the PUBG Mobile Pro League will continue as usual, with the grassroots-level event, PUBG Mobile Club Open, opening for registrations today.

The war in Ukraine has left a deep gash on the world of esports. Many leagues have been forced to postpone or cancel their events in CIS or Eastern Europe. Some Russian teams and players have been alienated from the global esports scene, with many refusing to openly condemn the war because of fears that the state might prosecute them.

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