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Published: December 1, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Hackers plague is rampaging across Halo Infinite’s servers
  • Infinite’s gameplay seems to be well received, but players continue to complain about the cheater problem
  • The game’s slow progression system is another issue for many players

Hackers continue to ruin Halo Infinite games. Players are demanding the option to remove cross-play until the issue is fixed.

Hackers Are on the Rise in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the 20-year-old franchise’s latest installment. Recently its multiplayer was released early, to the delight of many Halo fans. The game is a nice surprise for players who have been anticipating it for years. Unfortunately, like many other games, Halo Infinite also has its teething troubles, which come in the form of hackers.

Many players have reported seeing cheaters in the game, who use a variety of tools to gain an unfair advantage. These range from aimbot, wallhacks, increased speed, to infinite ammo and abilities, and even a name spoofer that changes their names so it’s hard to track and report them. Streamers and pros have also stated the rising number of hackers, with Dr Disrespect fearing the cheaters may get as prominent as Warzone hackers.

Players have started taking things into their own hands by calling out cheaters, like this hilarious short video posted on Twitter showsOpTic Gaming pro Lucid was playing and called out a team of cheaters. One of them was streaming so viewers raided his chat and started calling him out. The cheater simply denied the accusations and continued to play.

Halo Infinite’s Multitude of Problems

Players have received the core gameplay and dynamic of Infinite very well, however, cheaters remain a problem. Part of the issue is that Halo Infinite is free to play, so when a cheater gets banned, they can simply make a new account. The other part of the problem is that the multiplayer is still in its beta stage, so exploits have yet to be removed and an anti-cheat system has yet to be implemented.

Some players have called out for the removal of cross-play until the cheating issue is dealt with. Unlike PC players, console players don’t have to worry about hackers, but if the two platforms play together, then console players will also be targeted by PC-playing cheaters.

The game’s woes do not end with the cheater problem, but also extend to the customization and progression systems. Previous titles in the franchise had a more substantial and varied cosmetics section, but Infinite’s content seems more lackluster, in comparison. Some have said that the requirement for a season pass to unlock the cosmetics, and the game’s microtransactions, are anti-player decisions.

Players have also been calling out the limited number of maps and gamemodes. Many players have reached the consensus that they want to see classic gamemodes, like free-for-all and invasion.

Despite these negatives, players seem to enjoy the actual gameplay itself. Many, including streamers like Dr Disrespect, find the game fun and engaging, but would change a few things. The good news is that it seems folk at 343 Industries are listening to players’ feedback, so hopefully, we will see improvements on all the things fans are complaining about.

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