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Published: January 27, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • It was announced that the Halo TV series will adopt what was called “the Silver timeline” and differ from the main canon
  • The franchise’s creative director reassured fans that despite the journey being different, the outcomes will be the same
  • He added that the show will share the same DNA as the games and reassured fans that the core canon won’t change

The so-called Silver timeline will result in some big differences between the Halo TV series and Halo games. Still, the two will carry the same DNA, the creative team reassured fans.

The Silver Timeline Will Differ from the Canon

343 Industries has shared more news about the upcoming Halo TV series. According to the company, the series’ storyline will have some major differences.

Halo community writer Alex Wakeford wrote an extensive blog on the matter. Wakeford was joined by the franchise’s creative director, Frank O’Connor, who revealed that the series’ vision is to take characters, events, and backstories from the canon and create a linear storyline for the series. The latter explained that the team wants to create a new storyline that is distinct but isn’t different to the point where it invalidates the core cannon.

According to Wakeford, this new storyline will be called “the Silver timeline” as a homage to the Spartans’ central firearm.

The TV series will include much of what makes Halo so beloved but will also have enough differences to surprise and excite fans with unexpected developments. Furthermore, some key plot points will be changed to better fit the TV series format. For example, O’Connor said that in the TV series Master Chief and Cortana won’t find the first Halo ring by an accident as they do in the games.

The Series Will Have Enough in Common with the Games

There will be other changes as well but ultimately the story’s resolutions won’t differ much from the games. O’Connor and Wakeford explained that the idea is to have a storyline that runs parallel to the original but isn’t an exact copy of it.

O’Connor reassured fans that the TV series won’t affect the future of the game story:

“The game canon and its extended lore in novels, comics, and other outlets is core, original, and will continue unbroken for as long as we make Halo games.”

However, this doesn’t mean there will not be some level of inspiration between the TV series and the games. For example, O’Connor didn’t rule out the idea of some concepts from the show, such as ship models, weapons, and the like making their way to the canon game.

Some fans are cautious about the changes but it’s good to hear that the team behind the game is proceeding carefully with what will make the Halo series different from the main canon. A new trailer is scheduled to drop this Sunday so Halo enthusiasts should stay tuned.

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