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Published: May 3, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The coach spent two years on the team, although he took control of it only in April 2023
  • During his tenure, SAW achieved many things that were a first for Portuguese teams
  • The separation seemed rather amicable with both sides wishing each other the best of luck

SAW now have about a month to find a new coach for their CS2 team ahead of the start of the BLAST Premier Spring Final in June.


SAW recently returned from ESL Pro League 19, where they finished fifth of their group. This result seems to have prompted the organization to shift its roster, starting with its coach. Yesterday, SAW parted ways with coach Daniel “NABOWOW” Brito, ending the two years the CS2 pro has been with the team.

NABOWOW joined SAW back in early 2022 and at first, he worked as an assistant and analyst. However, following Omar “⁠arki⁠” Chakkor’s departure, in April of 2023, NABOWOW was appointed as the organization’s new coach, although the position was supposed to be temporary. Despite that, two months later he found himself taking the job permanently.

During his time at the helm of the team, SAW secured a historical qualification for PGL Major Copenhagen. The team also claimed a spot at the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Final and also achieved their peak ranking of No.16 last month.

“With an initial stint marked by his period as an analyst, it was in his role as coach that he left his biggest mark on our organization,” SAW said in a statement. “As the project’s main coach, NABOWOW helped the warriors achieve historic qualification for the first Counter-Strike 2 Major and other high-caliber international competitions.”

Unfortunately, the organization seems to have different plans going further that do not involve NABOWOW. According to SAW, it, the now-former coach, and the players discussed this for a long time but the consensus was to go with this plan.

Despite that, the org thanked NABOWOW for all the work he has already done. “It’s impossible to give enough thanks for the work and commitment he showed from the first to the last day as coach. We can only wish him the best of luck for his personal and professional future, which will certainly be bright.”

NABOWOW Adresses the Situatuion

Although the now-former coach knew that this day was coming, he still needed some time to process the information. “Still a little speechless that I’m no longer part of the SAW team. I just want to thank those who have always supported me and believed in me! I will address this subject later on stream where you will be able to ask all the questions you want,” NABOWOW wrote on Twitter.

In follow-up tweets, he explained that it was an excellent first experience as a coach in which SAW achieved results that had never been achieved by a Portuguese team. He also explained that he is open to any new job opportunities from other organizations. Finally, NABOWOW thanked the players who were formerly under his guidance, wishing the team all the success possible.

With NABOWOW gone from the organization, SAW now have about a month to find a new coach before the BLAST Premier Spring Final kicks off on June 12.

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