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Published: March 25, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • NICKMERCS called Halo Infinite a “flop”, explaining it had lots of potential
  • Other streamers and even Infinite pros echoed his statement
  • The debate if Infinite should have a battle royal is nothing new

Popular streamer and FaZe Clan co-owner NICKMERCS shared his thoughts on why Halo Infinite has seen such a large decline in players recently.

NICKMERCS Thinks Halo Flopped

Halo Infinite is already four months old, and to say that 343 Industries’ new flagship game had a bumpy start, would be an understatement. From the get-go, Infinite had a ton of troubles, ranging from hackers running amok, to content not being delivered on time, to players being dissatisfied with forced crossplay.

However, it seems that despite the effort and constant updates and patches 343 Industries is launching, the fans still seem somewhat dissatisfied. This is evident by the game’s rapidly declining player base in recent months, leading to the loss of 90% of its players. This has led some streamers and content creators to express their opinions on why they think Infinite is a struggling game.

One of them is the popular FPS streamer NICKMERCS, who recently called Halo Infinite a “flop”, claiming one of the reasons is that it has no battle royal mode. He said this is a shame as the game had a very strong start in late November last year. He also stated that the inclusion of more content like a battle royal mode would have attracted more attention to the game. “Adapt or die,” he said in a Twitter post.

Others Said the Same Thing

FaZe Clan’s co-owner was not the only one to think that Halo Infinite would have performed better if it had a battle royal mode. NICKMERCS’ opinion was echoed by other FPS creators like Halo Infinite pro SnakeBite. Confirming NICKMERCS’ words, SnakeBite wrote “Sad part about it is those people who disagree can’t even defend 343 in this argument considering they don’t even put out content for the multiplayer side.”

To be fair, the discussion if Halo Infinite should have a battle royal mode to stay relevant in today’s FPS market. Way back in September, when the game was not even launched, Dr Disrespect explained why Infinite should have a battle royal mode. Back then, having played the Alpha test, the Doc argued that the good viewership will last about a week and then the game may “slip right into that traditional sandbox view.”

Although Halo Infinite was very popular for more than just a week, as Dr Disrespect predicted, the fact is the game has suffered a significant drop in player numbers. Its future remains uncertain just four months after its release.

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