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Published: May 2, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Some fan favorites like FURIA flopped spectacularly
  • One game stretched out to a ridiculous three overtimes
  • There were also two maps that finished at 13-0

A total of six teams recorded victories while MOUZ and Liquid have secured playoff spots and will collide together on May 4.

FORZE, BIG, ENCE, NaVi Win Their Respective Matches

The second day of ESL Pro League Season 19 Group C and D saw many different and unexpected outcomes. Some favorite teams fell while other matches saw two 13-0 maps. Perhaps the most unexpected thing that happened on that day was FURIA’s descent to the Last Chance Stage after the team suffered a 0-2 defeat at the hands of FORZE.

However, let’s talk about the winners instead as FORZE gained quite an unexpected victory. The lineup was cobbled together with stand-ins just for Pro League, yet still managed to make one of the 13-0 maps we mentioned previously. To add salt to the injury, this happened on Overpass, which was FURIA’s choice.

In another match, the North American organization BOSS gave BIG a run for their money. However, the team could not convert advantages on Ancient and Vertigo, which ultimately cost them the match. The Johannes “⁠tabseN⁠” Wodarz-led side came back on both maps played to secure a 2-0 win.

Meanwhile, in the lower bracket, ENCE had a much more balanced game against Bad News Kangaroos. Although the former won the first map, Vertigo, with a decent advantage, they flopped on Nuke. However, ENCE came back swinging on Anubis and absolutely decimated their opponents, scoring the other 13-0 map of the day and securing a 2-1 victory.

Perhaps NaVi had the easiest encounters that day. The PGL Major Copenhagen champions gave FlyQuest no chance at an upset and comfortably advanced in Group D by winning Ancient and Mirage with comfortable leads both times.

MOUZ and Liquid Secure Spots for the Playoffs

The two teams are the biggest winners of the day. MOUZ trounced GamerLegion 13-1 on Nuke to start the first qualifying series. However, when the match changed to Mirage, things looked like GL would make a full comeback. The teams traded rounds but MOUZ eventually overcame their opponents, although they needed an overtime to do so.

However, that overtime paled in comparison to what Liquid went through in their first map against Monte. Ancient stretched out to three overtimes before Liquid could win it 22-19. Mirage was not as dramatic, but it still needed the full 24 rounds to close out the game.

Both MOUZ and Liquid have now secured the much-coveted playoff spots and will face each other in the upper final of Group C where a direct berth to the quarter-finals is up for grabs.

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