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Published: May 3, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A new Halo Infinite mode made in Forge will see players jump from orbit like ODSTs
  • The mod will feature progression, boss fights, extraction, drop pods, and more
  • Set to release in June, the mod promises hours of exhilarating experience

Prominent community creators The Forge Falcons are working on a Halo Infinite mod that will fuse Helldivers 2 gameplay with Halo’s legendary ODSTs.

Helldivers and Helljumpers Share Tactics

Helldivers 2 is without a doubt one of the biggest games to launch this year. Since its release a couple of months ago, the game has garnered millions of players around the globe and is still growing by the day. However, with the popularity of the title, many players have also turned their attention to some other elite sci-fi forces that jump from space – Halo’s ODSTs.

The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, also often called Helljumpers, similar to the Helldivers of the game with the same title, have been an important part of the wider Halo lore for many years. These elite units even had a spin-off Halo game aptly named Halo 3: ODST. In it, the player takes the role of several ODSTs who fight in the ruins of the city of New Mombasa, which is also a key setting of the main line Halo 2 and 3 games.

With such a notable prominence in the Halo canon, many fans have been wondering if Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries would make a game similar to Helldivers 2. While the company has not said anything about such a thing, fortunately, Halo fans might soon be able to experience an interesting fusion between the Helldivers and the Helljumpers.

This will happen thanks to a massive mod being developed by legendary community creators called The Forge Falcons. The team has been working on the mod for a couple of months now and it recently put out a short trailer for it. It’s expected that players will be able to jump in the ODSTs’ boots in June, although the dev team “will push it back a few more weeks if it needs it.”

What Will this Mod Feature?

Despite being created in Halo’s map-making Forge tool, this mod promises an almost DLC-like experience. Like Helldivers 2, Helljumpers will be a co-op PvE experience with procedural objectives, in-game progression, upgrade systems, boss fights, extraction, drop pods, and more.

The Forge Falcons showcased the use of the tool to recreate things like Helldivers’ throwable stratagem call-ins and airstrikes in Halo Infinite. The mode will feature a huge custom campaign in which players will deploy and return to their ship for upgrades multiple times. According to the devs, each playthrough will culminate in “absolutely badass battles and expertly crafted cinematic events.”

All of this will deliver hours of experience to fans. “It will take approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete Helljumpers if you focus on main objectives and a few sides,” The Forge Falcons said in an earlier post. “If you want to complete all the main objectives, side objectives, and optional objectives, however. Then you are probably looking at around 5 hours in total.”

Although not much gameplay has been showcased, it’s still impressive that such things could be done in Halo Forge. Helljumpers is quite an ambitious project and it promises a lot. Perhaps Halo fans will soon be able to see what it’s like to jump from orbit as an ODST.

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