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Published: December 15, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • A game-breaking glitch has reportedly corrupted the save files of numerous Halo Infinite players
  • One user found out that the issue might be a double Xbox login
  • The user advised players to just close the game if they get prompted to relog into Xbox

A terrible Halo Infinite glitch has corrupted the save files of many Halo Infinite players. Luckily, there might be a temporary solution until 343 Industries intervenes.

A Terrible Bug That Destroys Save Files Has Been Found

Halo Infinite has been out for a few days and fans are already noticing some critical bugs. According to reports on the Halo-focused forum, Halo Waypoint, there is now a glitch that may corrupt players’ save files and effectively erase a gamer’s progress.

The bug goes as follows: one would play the game’s single-player campaign mode, business as usual. Then, all of a sudden, the client would crash, closing the game without any notice. Once the player launches back Halo Infinite, they would find that they see the game from a third-person view. To make matters worse, the Master Chief spawns stuck in the ground and will immediately die, should a player try to move him.

As players returned to the main menu, hoping that “turning it off and on” would fix the issue, they quickly saw that pressing “continue” and “load game” starts the startup countdown but doesn’t actually launch the game. To top it all up, the glitch had corrupted their save files, forcing them to start Master Chief’s journey from the very beginning.

One User Reported a Possible Solution

Not all is grim as players might have discovered what causes the terrible glitch and how to prevent it from happening.

One Halo player by the nickname 99humanity spoke about his findings on the gaming forum ResetEra. According to him, the bug forces players to log back into Xbox via a pop-up window. However, when they do so, they effectively end with a double login. This, in turn, corrupts the save file, causing Halo Infinite players to lose their precious play hours.

99humanity explained that this double login might be prompted by various actions, including:

  • Plugging in a second controller
  • A controller getting disconnected and reconnected
  • Switching from wired to Bluetooth connection for controller
  • Still being logged in on Xbox when playing on PC or vice versa
  • Using quick resume on Xbox and when playing another game, multiple people signed in to the same account

The user suggests that once players get prompted to sign back into Xbox, they should instead close the window instead of logging in. This way players might actually be able to avoid having their game corrupted.

In any case, although 99humanities’ solution might be a good prevention measure, it would be best if Halo Infinite’s developers address the issue.

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