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Published: March 24, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • TSM FTX has parted ways with its elite VALORANT athlete Matthew “Wardell” Yu
  • The team decided to relocate to a different state which did not sit well with the player
  • TSM is yet to find a suitable replacement for Wardell

Wardell left TSM FTX’s VALORANT lineup after refusing to move to Texas alongside the rest of the team.

Wardell Refused to Move to Texas

TSM FTX is one of the numerous esports organizations to make changes to its professional VALORANT roster. The team announced that Matthew “Wardell” Yu is leaving the lineup.

Unlike its competitors, TSM did not decide to have Wardell go in the wake of suboptimal performance during the VALORANT Champions Tour. On the contrary, the player is leaving the team because of logistical issues. To be more precise, TSM recently unveiled that it plans to move its VALORANT roster to Texas. Wardell, however, was not okay with moving to the Lone Star State and promptly agreed to part ways with the organization.

Wardell is one of TSM’s first VALORANT players. He joined the team in May 2020 when the organization unveiled its first competitive roster. Wardell’s tenure under TSM’s banner has been fruitful, with him at the forefront of many of the organization’s victories. As an elite player, he helped TSM win tournaments such as the Nerd Street Gamers in June 2020, the FaZe Clan Invitational in August 2020 and the North America VCT Stage Three Challengers Two in August 2021.

Wardell’s Plans for the Future Are Still Unknown

Wardell commented on the decision on his Twitter. He thanked TSM for having him on board for two years, saying that he is delighted to have played under the organization’s banner. He described joining TSM as “being pulled out of the gutter and given a brand new life,” promising that he will never forget this.

At this moment, the future of Wardell is unclear. He might become a free agent or remain a part of TSM and move to its inactive roster for the time being.

TSM also released a statement of its own:

“VALORANT is incredibly important to TSM. We’ve been a part of it since the start and we’re determined to build a championship-winning roster. This takes commitment by all players, alignment with a competitive vision, and the desire to work together to take the team to the next level.”

Following the announcement, the organization’s VALORANT lineup consists of only four members:

  • Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik
  • Aleko “Aleko” Gabuniya
  • Corey “corey” Nigra
  • Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo

It is yet to be seen who will fill in the vacant spot left by Wardell’s leave.

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