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Published: February 27, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • They needed just one map to get to the semifinals
  • Zekken was crucial for Sentinels’ achievement
  • He has recorded an impressive score in the event so far

Despite losing to G2, Sentinels still got one map, which was enough to get them to the VCT Americas Kickoff Playoffs.

Sentinels Qualify

We are fast approaching the end of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Americas Kickoff and teams are busy duking it out for a spot in the playoffs. Sentinels are already a few steps ahead of everyone else after they needed only a single map win against G2 to punch their ticket.

They scored the needed victory, despite eventually losing to their opponents in a 1-2 match that saw Zachary “zekken” Patrone carry Sentinels just enough forward for them to guarantee a semifinal spot. Despite the lost match, the team already has enough map victories to proceed forward, prompting celebrations in the fan base.

Knowing they only needed one map, Sentinels got into their match against G2 by giving everything they had in the early stages of the encounter. They threw away a couple of rounds on the attack side with messy post-plants, but their competition eventually helped them on the retakes after switching sides. Following that, Sentinels managed a flawless defensive side to take Sunset 13-8.

How Did the Rest of the Mach Go?

Having secured their spot in the event’s playoffs, Sentinels’ players could relax, knowing that the rest of the match against G2 was only a matter of pride. Fittingly, Sunset ended with zekken sticking a defuse despite his teammates dying all around him. Throughout the Americas Kickoff tournament, the 18-year-old prodigy had been the star of the team.

Across the full VALORANT Kickoff tournament, zekken led all players in Average Combat score with a massive 265.0 rating. To reinforce his spot, the young player also led in average damage per round and kills per round. He also was tied for first with Demon1, keznit, and OXY with first kills per round.

Considering his personal standings, zekken could very well be crucial for Sentinels to reach heights. The player is led by an experienced in-game leader in the face of Mouhamed “johnqt” Ouarid. He is also aided by a former world champion in Sacy firmly re-established in his initiator role, and both TenZ and Zellsis support him as flex specialists.

With this qualification spot, Sentinels also wipe the shame of their “lackluster” team capsule off their faces. Recently, as part of the VCT’s start, Riot released team capsules that feature various themed cosmetics inside. However, fans mocked Sentinels’ team capsule, saying it was “lazy” as they seemingly didn’t design anything new, like most other teams did.

That being said, Sentinels still have more to do if they want to get to Masters Madrid next month. In front of them stand two VALORANT teams stacked with veterans and stars in NRG and LOUD, as well as the well-trained Evil Geniuses. The VCT Americas Kickoff Playoffs will resume on Saturday, March 2.

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