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Published: April 26, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • SK Gaming’s midlaner was fined recently for allegedly abusing a Neeko glitch
  • It’s a common bug that grants players easy information on the enemy by throwing out a clone

Neeko has been notorious when it comes to exploits and Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer has been fined $2,140 for using one in a LEC match last month.

Nisqy Was Fined

Although cheating is virtually impossible in high-level esports competitions, as the player’s machines are meticulously checked for malicious software, there are still some ways participants may have an unfair advantage. The thing is, players may be able to exploit certain bugs in the game as those are often out of the reach of tournament organizers. This is what seems to have happened recently at the LEC Spring Split match with SK Gaming, which resulted in Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer allegedly being fined €2,000 (about $2,140).

According to the rumors, initially reported by Sheep Esports, Nisqy had apparently used a common Neeko bug that allows players to get easy information on the enemy by throwing out a clone. At the time, Riot Games had not yet addressed the issue so the use of this bug has been banned in pro play.

Nevertheless, the glitch could still be used in the game. During the match when Nisqy allegedly did so, the LEC referees paused the match after the Belgian mid laner used the bug. The game was quickly resumed as it was determined that the bug did not give the player an unfair advantage during its use and that seemed to be the end of the situation.

Unfortunately for Nisqy, he was still hit with a solid fine as Riot punished him for using the glitch in a match. Interestingly, the player is taking the fine in a stride, reposting the report on social media with the caption, “come sub” and a link to his Twitch channel.

What Does Riot Do About These Glitches?

Like any other game, League of Legends also suffers from the occasional bug that can be exploited in various ways. Riot Games is not always able to address these issues in time for the many LoL esports tournaments that are constantly being held., For this reason, pro players are given a list of bugs and exploits from the developer that are forbidden to use in tournament matches. If a pro match features bugs or exploits, Riot has sometimes ruled they could be replayed or remade to retain competitive integrity.

In the past, Neeko has been notorious when it comes to bugs. The champion has often been troublesome for Riot Games to fix on many occasions. In fact, at certain points, the devs have had to remove her from the game t due to weird interactions with their clones and a passive that allows them to disguise themselves as another champion or even a minion.

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