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Published: May 16, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • League of Legends’s mastery system was changed significantly relatively soon
  • However, fans think these changes make the game a lot more “grindy”
  • Some say they have even lost previous progress

LoL’s mastery system changes have left many fans having to spend a lot more time and playing more games to complete various challenges.

Fans Report About the Changes

When a company adds big changes to a game there is always a chance people might not like things. Such seems to be the case for League of Legends’ new mastery system as it has been struck with controversy. It has not been long since it was implemented relatively recently but it seems that players are already complaining a lot about the new changes.

The most common complaint that has been surfacing recently is that the game has become too
“grindy”. Fans are saying that LoL is now forcing players to play even more games to earn outrageous amounts of mastery points for specific champions. According to this player, if they wanted to reach the highest mastery level on every champion, they would have to grind a lot more.

“So one of my main goals in League was to get every champion to level 7. Levels 1-5 was just a boring grind for points and level 6-7 were more fun, trying to get S ranks every game,” the LoL fan wrote. “Now with the new system, you need waaaaay more points (grinding) to level beyond level 5, and less S grades. They basically made mastery less about skill and more about grind, which is the completely wrong direction, imo.”

Sage Challenges Are Also Messed Up

The situation we’ve mentioned above is not the only instance of players having to grind more. For example, one fan tried to complete the Sage challenge which has players reach level seven mastery for different champs. They complained on Reddit that Riot Games has raised the requirement for this challenge from level seven to level ten, meaning it is much harder to attain.

Meanwhile, some other League of Legends players who had already earned the Sage challenge, said they lost the challenge completion due to the mastery changes. According to them, they lost multiple titles that were linked to their completion of the challenge as well. This has resulted in these players having to grind even more.

Overall, it seems the new mastery system changes have left numerous players disgruntled and disappointed. Many have even called out Riot Games to address the issue and in some cases even revert the changes. However, at the time of writing of this article, the company has not responded officially to these calls.

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