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Published: May 17, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • TYLOO thanked the player and praised him for his performance while on the team
  • The Chinese org has changed eight players since October of last year
  • Its future remains uncertain as TYLOO has yet to announce a substitute for kaze

Andrew “⁠kaze⁠” Khong becomes the third player this week that TYLOO removed from its starting Counter-Strike 2 roster.

Kaze and TYLOO Part Ways

Some esports organizations stick with one roster composition for a very long time, while others change their roster quite often. Chinese esports organization TYLOO seems to be of the latter as earlier today, Andrew “⁠kaze⁠” Khong left the team. By this, he becomes yet another player whom the organization changes.

The 29-year-old AWPer is the third player to leave TYLOO’s starting CS2 this week. The organization parted ways with long-time in-game leader Zhuo “⁠advent⁠” Liang and benched player ZhiHong “⁠aumaN⁠” Liu on Thursday. Kaze’s tenure in the org lasted about seven months, during which TYLOO tried out various other players and competed with different compositions.

Despite TYLOO parting ways with kaze, however, the organization praisedhis performance while he was on the team. “Kaze contributed numerous important kills in matches. As a sniper, he has been playing at full strength in all tournaments with his excellent individual ability and teamwork,” the org said about him. “His precise tactical execution and calm judgment have saved the team in many important moments. At the same time, with his positive attitude and unremitting efforts, he also inspired every teammate to fight for the victory.”

How Has the Org Been Performing Recently?

With kaze gone from the organization, there seems to be no end in sight for the changes in the Chinese organization. Since TYLOO signed the 5yclone squad in October of last year, the team has changed eight players.

At IEM Chengdu they even turned up with a six-man roster with a possibility to change players between matches. Despite that, the org didn’t do so and used the same roster, involving kaze and advent, in their ESL Pro League Season 19 campaign as well.

Unfortunately for TYLOO, both international tournaments ended in disappointment for the org. TYLOO went out in last place at IEM Chengdu and in 21st-28th place in Malta. They suffered various losses at the hands of some of the world’s best teams such as MOUZ and G2, as well as to their local rivals, Lynn Vision.

With the two eldest and most experienced players out of the team, TYLOO’s future remains somewhat uncertain. Three players and the coach are what is left in the core, with the entire roster situation currently looking like this:

  • Yi “⁠JamYoung⁠” Yang
  • Jingxiang “⁠Mercury⁠” Wang
  • Dongrui “⁠zdr⁠” Zhang
  • Zhu “⁠k4Mi⁠” Xielin (coach)
  • LiYang “⁠lyrics3⁠” Jiang (benched)
  • Qianhao “⁠Moseyuh⁠” Chen (benched)
  • Shengjun “⁠aristo⁠” Jin (benched)
  • Zhenghao “⁠DANK1NG⁠” Lv (benched)
  • WingHei “⁠Freeman⁠” Cheung (benched)
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