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Published: May 14, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The melee weapon has been getting a lot of attention from players lately
  • It’s able to take down enemies extremely fast in close-range
  • It’s especially potent on Rebirth Island

Fans want CoD: Warzone’s tonfa to be nerfed or even removed from ranked as it dominates the game’s current meta.

Tonfa Is Broken

The meta in games often changes and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception to that rule. In Season 3 weapons like the BP50 JAK Revenger and Striker 9 have become quite dominant. However, Rebirth Island is dominated by one melee weapon that has been infuriating players – the tonfa.

This isn’t the first time a melee weapon has been topping the game’s meta either. Such weapons have been around since the launch of Warzone and players have been complaining about them in the past as well. One infamous example was the Kali Sticks which was able to take down opponents lightning-fast at close range.

Now it seems that the tonfa is going the same way. The weapon is just a single baton that has increased range and incredible speed when spamming the melee button, just like the Kali Sticks. It simply outclasses every other melee weapon, and it has become rather popular on Rebirth Island. Social media has started filling up with clips of players absolutely decimating others.

Players Want the Tonfa to Be Nerfed

Despite it looking rather hilarious how a single player can destroy his opponents many have started complaining about the tonfa. If somebody wielding the melee weapon gets close to you, you’re very unlikely to be on the winning end of the fight. Your only chance is to land get some good headshots or completely break your opponents’ ankles to create some more distance. What’s even worse is that the tonfa is unlocked at level 4, so a lot of players already have it, meaning the potential for you to encounter it is very high.

With this being the case, many Call of Duty fans started pinging the game’s devs to nerf the weapon. Some even suggested the same be done with the riot shield as the combination of the two seems rather potent. Others said the tonfa should be entirely banned from ranked play.

Currently, it’s unknown how Raven Software and Infinity Ward would manage the situation, but as the complaints from players keep on rolling, the devs will have to think of doing something about the tonfa.

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