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Published: May 15, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The LoL player “absurd number of death threats” after loss against T1
  • This shocked and angered the wider LoL esports fan community
  • Many stated there should be more infrastructure to counter such behavior

Fans call “sick” and “disgusting” the death threats that G2 bot lane\r Hans Sama received after the team lost to T1 last week.

Hans Sama Received Many Threats

It’s not uncommon for fans to be frustrated when the teams they support lose games. However, sometimes this frustration can boil over too much and negatively affect the players involved. Such is the case with G2 Esports bot laner Steven “Hans Sama” Liv who has recently been dealing with a large number of death threats. These come after the organization lost a best-of-five series against T1 at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational last week.

The news comes from G2’s manager Romain Bigeard who revealed in an interview that Hans Sama received multiple death threats due to his performance during the series. While criticizing players for not performing as well as they could have is common in the LoL fanbase, sending death threats is very rare and an extreme new low.

Fans React to the Situation

It was not long before the wider LoL community responded to the news, with many fans claiming there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. In a Reddit post discussing the situation, a lot of fans said individuals targeting Hans Sama for his May 10 outing were “disgusting” and “shitty,” with many calling for immediate action.

While it’s normal for fans to criticize pro players, be they in traditional sports or in esports, sending them death threats should not be tolerated. Unfortunately, threats against League professionals aren’t quite as uncommon as one might think.

For example, not long ago a chef in Chengdu, China suggested he could poison the T1 League team while they were eating at his restaurant. The Reddit post discussing the situation has since been locked, but many players wondered how often things like this happen.

Moments like this raise the important topic of how players and pros in this industry can protect themselves from such threats. They also put forward the conversation about what support systems are in place to ease the mental toll that comes from these situations. Many League of Legends fans seem to agree that there should be serious consequences for people who issue any kind of threats.

Fortunately for Hans Sama, it does not seem the threats have hurt his competitive performance. He has made an impressive comeback, helping G2 win a clean 3-0 sweep against TOP Esports on May 14.

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