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Published: May 20, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Many say this was the best MSI of all time
  • A huge reason for this success was the MSI’s new format
  • Some speculate if this will have an impact on the World Championship

Fans were impressed by the Mid-Season Invitational’s format as it made for more interesting matches and more varied inter-regional fights.

MSI Dubbed “Best of All Time”

Every esports event lives on its fan base and if that fan base is not happy, then the tournament is a failure. Fortunately, League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational 2024 is not one of these events, as it was liked and praised by the viewers, some even proclaiming it the best MSI of all time.

A lot of this success can be attributed to a slew of changes that this year’s MSI underwent. The event’s 2024 edition introduced the very highly-requested double-elimination playoffs, making teams’ runs throughout the tournament a lot more interesting. Furthermore, this year there weren’t many “civil war” matchups between regions, which made for a much better viewing experience.

LoL fans praised the MSI 2024 on Reddit, pointing out how much they liked the fact there were a lot more best-of-fives matches. For example, last year’s World Championships had seven best-of-fives over three weeks, while MSI cranked out 14 full series in 12 days.

Additionally, they said that the previously-mentioned lack of “civil wars” was also a major aspect of this year’s MSI’s success. “I’d say lack of civil wars has been the more enjoyable aspect,” one highly-voted comment reads. “Also overall quality of this MSI has been fantastic and every region had something to be proud of: LCK and LPL made finals and LCK won; G2 beat TES in a bo5; TL handily beat FNC and played a competitive series vs T1; PSG knocking out FLY and taking BLG to 5 games.”

While some still believe in a bracket reset, most were pleased the faster format meant a lower-bracket team making a run. For example, Bilibili Gaming was at a disadvantage due to the busy schedule. “If the playoffs was like four weeks, it would give lower bracket teams a chance to rest up,” one player said.

Will There Be Changes to the Champions’ Format?

Following the success of the event, some fans started wondering if this format could influence the World Championship this year. However, it’s unlikely to do so as Riot Games plans to hold the single-elimination finals across multiple venues, building up to a grand finale in front of a packed-out arena. It would be simply impractical to fit so many locations in the relatively short span of time the tournament is held.

LoL’s MSI saw a huge viewership which feeds into the idea that the World Championship’s format will also be changed. Despite it being unlikely there will be major changes now this World’s season has reached its halfway stage, the fact the MSI is so well-regarded, promises that the main event will be as well.

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