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Published: May 15, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • Zenni Optical will become ESL FACEIT Group’s Official Eyewear Partner of DreamHack
  • The deal will promote eye health education with innovative eyewear solutions
  • Zenni will use DreamHack’s popularity to further extend its outreach and mission

DreamHack Dallas will serve as the inaugural event of ESL FACEIT Group and Zenni Optical’s new project to promote eye health education.

Companies Announce Collaboration

Being an esports player or just spending a lot of time gaming can cause eye damage. In order to raise awareness of the potential issue and incorporate eye health education across DreamHack gaming events, esports tournament organizer ESL FACEIT Group has entered a partnership with online eyewear retailer Zenni Optical.

DreamHack Dallas, which will be held from May 31 to June 2, will mark the inaugural event of the collaboration between the two entities. Zenni will also become the Official Eyewear Partner for future ESL and DreamHack events. The collaboration will promote overall eye health, particularly in addressing issues like eye fatigue and strain. According to ESL FACEIT Group, the aims of the collaboration align with the tournament organizer’s broader mission to foster inclusive gaming worlds and engaged, supported communities.

Aside from raising awareness about eye care, the partnership also includes launching a co-branded collection of “lifestyle and competitive eyewear and accessories”.

It isn’t the first time Zenni Optical has worked in the field of esports. The company has had experience thanks to various projects with several organizations and tournaments since 2019. Just last month, Zenni Optical teamed up with fighting game event Evo to become the official eyewear partner of the tournament taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For ESL FACEIT Group, the partnership is a continuation of the organizer expanding its commercial portfolio. Like Zenni, April also saw an important deal for EFG as the company partnered with streaming platform Kick to create various activations for upcoming DreamHack events.

Officials Talk About the Deal

Robb Chiarini, Head of Gaming, Sports, & Events at Zenni Optical, praised DreamHack and ESL for representing some of the most community-centric and prestigious competitive events in the world. According to him, this embodies esports for everyone, allowing for Zenni Optical’s outreach to extend even more.

“By partnering with these incredible brands across the gaming and esports spaces, we aim to create engaging experiences that combine eye-health education with innovative eyewear solutions for players and fans at all levels.”

The excitement over the deal was mirrored by Craig Levine, Co-CEO at EFG who said the organization is thrilled to partner with Zenni Optical as the Official Eyewear Partner of DreamHack and ESL. “The genuine passion that Zenni has for the esports industry is a refreshing sight to see, and a major driving factor for the decision behind our partnership,” he explained. “Zenni’s ongoing commitment to provide eyewear for everyone mirrors our own drive to create worlds beyond gameplay for gamers everywhere.”

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