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Published: April 23, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Save- was caught abusing a bug when BB played against G2 x iG
  • The bug allowed Shadow Demon to have a level three ultimate despite being only level 12
  • BetBoom still ended up losing the match, despite using the bug

BetBoom received a Level 2 Draft Penalty after their IGL, Vitalie “Save-” Melnic, was caught exploiting a new Dota 2 bug.

BetBoom Received a Penalty

ESL One Birmingham 2024 started yesterday and the event has already encountered problems on the first day. BetBoom Team went up against G2 x iG after drawing a series against Team Falcons, one of the favorites to win ESL One Birmingham 2024. However, during the first match of the series, BB’s captain, Vitalie “Save-” Melnic, who was playing with Shadow Demon, was spotted with a decked-out ultimate at only level twelve. This was caused by exploiting a bug involving the hero which the captain knowingly abused.

As a result of this incident, BetBoom received a penalty from the ESL, officially announcing it on the organizer’s Twitter page. The team had a “Level 2 Draft Penalty” for their next match of the game. Ironically, despite abusing the bug, Save- and his squad lost both the game and the series against G2 x iG.

What Exactly Does the Shadow Demon Bug Do?

This is a relatively new bug, discovered a few days ago by a member of the community and shared on Reddit. According to the user, Shadow Demon’s ability Demonic Cleanse which the hero attains after consuming an Aghanim’s Shard somehow became linked with the hero’s ultimate ability Demonic Purge. This was due to the tag ‘DOTA_ABILITY_TYPE_ULTIMATE’ being removed from Shadow Demon’s file and resulted in players being able to upgrade Demonic Purge to Level 3 as early as Shadow Demon reaching Level 6 by simply leveling up Demonic Cleanse.

Since the two abilities get linked because of the bug, every time players put a point to level up Demonic Cleanse even Demonic Purge is used to level up. Save seems to have done exactly that during the game as he acquired the Aghanim’s Shard at Level 10 and completely upgraded his ultimate by Level 12.

Interestingly, BetBoom has found itself struck with a penalty in a tournament before as well. In 2023 at the Bali Major, BetBoom’s carry player at the time, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko, was caught watching a stream during a pause. The organizers ruled this as stream-sniping, resulting in BetBoom Team being handed a “Level Four Loss” penalty.

BetBoom is not the only team encountering problems during the ESL One Birmingham 2024. Recently, Team Spirit has been struck with issues as Yatoro was almost robbed on transit to the event while Miposhka had to participate in a wheelchair after injuring his leg.

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