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Published: April 22, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Spirit has been facing a lot of setbacks over the past few months
  • Recently, Yatoro encountered an old lady who tried to steal his suitcase
  • A few days ago, Miposhka dislocated his kneecap while playing football

Miposhka will attend the ESL One Birmingham 2024 in a wheelchair, while Yatoro was almost robbed and lost his phone in transit to the event.

Spirit Hit with Misfortunes

It looks like Team Spirit has been under a bad spell in recent weeks. The Russian powerhouse has been facing one adversity after the other, being unable to perform since winning The International 2023, and is struggling to generate optimal results in tournaments. Unfortunately, it seems these troubles are only persisting as the team has headed off to the UK to participate in the ESL One Birmingham 2024.

Firstly, Yatoro ran into some trouble while getting to the country. In a Telegram post, he wrote that he had lost his phone during the flight. Additionally, an old lady apparently tried to steal his suitcase. Despite that, he wrote “successful flight” sarcastically at the end of his post.

And while Yatoro was having material troubles, the team’s captain, Miposhka, recently dislocated his kneecap in an accident while playing football. He also took to Telegram a few days ago to announce his injury. Fortunately, some images were posted recently on Twitter that show Miposhka made it to the UK alongside his teammates, although he is currently in a wheelchair.

Miposhka Talks About the Problems

Despite all the problems that the team has been going through recently, Miposhka took to Telegram and assured Team Spirit fans that things are being worked upon. He said he was aware of the ongoing problem with the team and was actively working to improve their situation.

“We had a practice with a psychologist, we gathered as a whole team, together, we also talked a lot, discussed some of our problems, figured out, I would say, a certain root of evil, as it seemed to me, and worked on it too,” the team captain said in an official Team Spirit post.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 starts today and will run through to the end of the week. Despite all the difficulties Spirit has encountered, Miposhka expects the team to get a good result in this tournament. He further admitted that they would have to make some adjustments during the tournament, but believes that they can do it. Time will tell if Team Spirit will finally be able to break the “curse”.

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