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Published: April 29, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • VP eliminated SAW in the last chance bracket for the playoffs
  • SAW made a huge mistake by choosing Vertigo as the first map
  • They performed far better on the second map, but VP still defeated SAW 2-0 in the end

With their victory over SAW, mark a spectacular comeback in EPL S19 after suffering several defeats earlier in the tournament.

VP Eliminate SAW

As the ESL Pro League Season 19 is progressing forward, teams are struggling to get into the playoffs of the event. is one of the lucky squads as they got into the stage by defeating SAW in the last chance bracket. This victory is actually the core’s fifth series win in a row over the Portuguese side.

This match can be seen as a crucial comeback for the Russian team as VP were relegated to the last chance bracket by FaZe the other day and were in real danger of getting eliminated from the event. Fortunately for them, things turned out to not be so bad as VP defeated SAW 2-0, absolutely dominating them on the first map.

The team’s success was due in no small part to their new arrival, Denis “⁠electroNic⁠” Sharipov. He joined the team about two weeks ago and the EPL S19 was his debut with VP. According to him, however, there are still many things that should be smoothed out.

“We still have to find this balance, how we’re going to play in the future. When I see a gap I can call that we can go without any nades, for contact,” electroNic said after the match. “But now, we play like we do, we practiced only for four days. I’m trying to bring this experience to the team, I’ve been an IGL, I can help Jame (Dzhami “Jame” Ali is VP’s current in-game leader), we just need to find the best solution.”

Here’s How the Match Went

SAW decided to start the match on Vertigo, perhaps due to the fact electroNic isn’t particularly fond of that map. For a large part of his career, the player has permabanned the map, but as he entered VP, he has had to play it a lot more. Vertigo has featured in all five of the Russian side’s series at EPL S19 so far, taking his count to 11.

That being said, this actually allowed VP to get the hang of this map so for SAW it was actually a huge mistake to choose Vertigo. It was not long after the start of the match that VP went 5-1 on the map. The Portuguese team then suffered yet another crash as VP turned a 4v5 retake into a comfortable round. FL1T’s rampage then resumed promptly, ending the map on 129 ADR and 2.55 Impact as VP ran away with a huge 13-3 advantage.

However, the team was not ready to give up despite the strong blow they suffered. Overpass was to be quite the challenge for VP as SAW made some early clutches with Michel “⁠ewjerkz⁠” Pinto securing a 1v2 clutch without Kevlar. He was only outdone by João “⁠story⁠” Vieira in a 1v4 where he lost 98 HP in the first duel.

Unfortunately, these spectacular comebacks only stiffened VP’s defenses. As the score was reading 10-6 in favor of SAW, VP reactivated and won a streak of seven rounds to completely turn the tides and end the map 13-10 and the match 2-0.

With this victory, VP continue forward in the EPL S19 while SAW exit the tournament.

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