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Published: December 13, 2021

Written by: David Kent

Halo Infinite’s challenges will be readjusted by 343 Industries to make them easier to complete. The studio is even considering adding new ones to boost XP gaining.

New Playsets and Challenges

Halo Infinite has seen some controversies since its launch. There is an overall consensus that the core gameplay is great and fun, however, players are dissatisfied with many “anti-player” decisions. One of these was the lack of playsets and the “frustrating” challenges the game has. Due to this feedback, 343 Industries have promised to fix the issues.

Previous Halo titles had playlists, which were until recently absent in Infinite. 343 will finally add some, making completing challenges a lot easier. This was said in a lengthy Reddit post by Halo Community Director at 343 Industries Brian Jarrard, who explained that the challenges themselves will also be tweaked, and also new ones will be added to the game.

New Updates and Fixes

The game’s next big update will arrive on December 14, and Jerrard outlined a few adjustments that will be coming to Infinite, namely:

  • Removing frustrating mode-specific ones
  • Reducing some requirements for others, making weekly ultimate challenges less intensive
  • Adding brand new challenges specific to the new playlists.

The Community director also wrote that the dev team is thinking of adding a new challenge category based on accumulating player scores. He believes it will be a small step towards performance-based XP, saying there will be more details to be shared next week.

Until now, challenges were somewhat frustrating to complete. They would often require players to kill opponents with specific weapons, which are not that often used, like the Shock rifle (or, God forbid, the Ravager). This can be particularly difficult to achieve when only certain maps have the designated equipment needed to complete each challenge.

Due to the inability to choose a map or game mode when queuing for a game, many players have started quitting the match if they decide that they don’t need it for the completion of a challenge. This has led to players leaving matches en masse, creating “ghost lobbies”.

 It is hoped the new update will eliminate this problem by providing players the option to choose their games. 343 Industries has also promised to work on a better anti-cheat system after players raise concerns over the rising number of hackers. Hopefully, this update will be the first major step to fixing all the issues Halo infinite has.

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