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Published: March 18, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Wild Rift China’s prize pool is set at $787,000 or five million Chinese Yuan
  • Eleven teams will be competing for a share of the prize
  • Wild Rift seems to surpass PC League of Legends in popularity in China

With a prize pool of over $700,000, the Wild Rift China League eclipses the LPL of the same region, pointing out the fast growth of mobile gaming in the country.

The Wild Rift China’s Large Prize Pool

Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, and its esports scene have been riding the wave of the growing popularity of mobile esports. Just recently, Riot Games announced the Wild Rift Japan Cup 2022. In what could be the biggest leap forward, an upcoming Wild Rift tournament will have a bigger prize pool than League of Legends for that region.

With a prize pool of five million Chinese Yuan ($787,000), the LoL Wild Rift League China has a larger prize than the normal League of Legends league of the same region, the LPL. The LPL is one of the biggest esports leagues in both China and the entire world and features a prize pool of 4.2 million Chinese Yuan or $661,000.

The LPL features 17 franchised teams and routinely brings in a massive number of viewers. Despite its popularity, it seems that the LoL Wild Rift League China is being valued more highly in the region. It’s also interesting to note that the WRL has the largest prize pool out of any regional Wild Rift leagues.

Why Is Wild Rift More Popular than LPL?

The success of LPL might be attributed at least in part to the rapid growth of esports. Companies are pouring millions into various mobile platforms. China is no exception to this phenomenon, and Riot Games knows this well. The large Wild Rift prize pool is a way to further strengthen the game’s position within the Chinese gaming and esports community.

However, despite the fast growth of mobile gaming in the Chinese region, Wild Rift eclipsing its PC counterpart is still somewhat unexpected. It bodes well for the future of the game. This international event for Wild Rift is going to be following up on these regional tournaments.

Another reason for the prize pool being so large is that unlike the LPL, which is a franchised league with 17 organizations, Wild Rift is a relatively new game. This means that most participating organizations will have to rely more on the prize money for their earnings.

The WRL will kick off with a long group stage on March 19 as an offline event in the WRL Stadium, Shanghai. The playoffs will be held from April 28 to May 15 to crown the Chinese champion, who will go onto the Global Championship Icons, happening in Europe this summer. The runners-up will make it to the play-ins of the Championship Icons, and teams placed third to sixth will compete in the LCQ for two more spots in the play-ins. More detail about dates and participating teams can be found on Liquipedia.

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