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Published: January 17, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Several champions and items will be nerfed with the following patch
  • These include Fizz and the new Stormsurge, which have been dominating the midlane
  • Patch 14.2 will arrive next week on January 24

Players have been complaining about League of Legends becoming a “one shot” game thanks to the new items, but Patch 14.2 aims to fix that.

Riot Announces Changes

Season 14 of League of Legends started its new season last week, and as expected, this brought about many changes that affected the meta. Before Patch 14.1 was released, there was much talk about how the newest items and changes to the old ones would significantly change the balance of the game, but it seems nobody was quite ready for what was about to happen.

The changes have had the effect of making ranked and normal League games feel oppressive and brutal to the point where players have started calling the game “League of One Shots.” Riot Games tried to fix these with the January 12 micropatch 14.1B, but that seems to not have had much of an effect.

Fortunately for League of Legends players, their woes might soon be answered, as the devs are planning to quite a lot of changes with Patch 14.2, which launches on next week. Riot Phroxzon shared what’s coming in a lengthy Twitter post, outlining a lot of changes across various aspects of the game. Chief among these are adjustments to the champions, with 19 of them getting some kind of change.

Who and What Is Getting Nerfed?

The post can be summarized in changes coming to the few champions and items that seem to have been causing a ruckus on the Rift. Just five champions and four items seem to have contributed a lot to the so-called “one shots” that players have been complaining so much about. Chief among these is Fizz who is dominating the midlane, despite getting some slight nerfs in micropatch 14.1B. This is thanks to his use of the new item Stormsurge, which is consequently also on the chopping block for nerfs.

Fizz’s combination with Stormsurge, however, is not unique, as other champions have been found to have a similar symbiosis with various double support and quadra support items (basically support item stacking). Blitzcrank, Fizz, Rumble, and Teemo will be joining Fizz in the list of nerfed champions, along with the Bloodsong, Frozen Hearth, and Riftmaker.

Despite the many nerfs that are coming next week to League of Legends, it’s still unknown if they will still have the desired effect. Although many talked about the items before the start of Season 14, it seems no one was quite prepared for how much of an impact the new features would have. Things will become clear in the days after the launch of Patch 14.2, which will be on January 24.

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