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Published: September 4, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot has not taken into account Yuumi’s playstyle when updating the AFK detection system
  • This causes problems for Yuumi players, who reported losing LP
  • Riot Games has not yet responded to the issue

League of Legends’ latest patch has broken the AFK detection system, causing Yuumi mains to lose League Points for playing the champion as Riot intended.

AFK System Is Broken

Every player in every competitive game has encountered the problem opt other players being AFK and ruining a particular match. Unfortunately, League of Legends is no exception and many fans have been left out by their teammates, who enter the Summoner’s Rift but don’t actively control their champion for one reason or another, resulting in one team being severely disadvantaged.

In an effort to combat this problem, Riot Games has introduced the AFK detection system. It aims to help players remake or punish anyone who leaves during the match, which should hopefully discourage such behavior in the future. Unfortunately, it seems LoL’s latest update has broken something as some Yuumi players have reported losing LP just for playing the champion.

The issue was brought to light by popular League of Legends Youtuber and resident bug finder Vandiril, who showcased it in a recent video. Initially, the system seems completely fine for everyone, correctly detecting if players are going AFK at the start or throughout the match. However, it seems Riot Games forgot that Yuumi has a particular playstyle that may trigger the AFK detection system.

The way the game detects if a player is AFK is if they do not move their champion for one minute and thirty seconds. It seems Riot has forgotten to take into account that a key part of Yuumi’s playstyle is to stay still while being attached to an ally. Now, when Yuumi players jump onto their allied champion at the start of the match, the game will consider them AFK and start the timer.

Once this time period has reached its end, the team which the Yuumi player is a part of, is given the option to remake. If the remake goes through, the Yuumi player can lose League Points as if they were AFK throughout the game, even though they were just playing the champion in the way Riot Games intended.

 The game’s devs have not provided an explanation or fix for the issue at the time of writing of this article, therefore it is advised for Yuumi mains to frequently detach and reattach themselves from their ally to avoid triggering the AFK detection system.

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