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Published: November 28, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • LoL’s Patch 13.24 will see a slew of champions getting buffs
  • It will also introduce a lot of quality-of-life changes to the game
  • Hwei, the game’s newest champion, will be released alongside the patch next week

Lead Gameplay Designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison talked about the champion changes that Patch 13.24 will introduce when it’s released on December 6.

Riot Buffing Many Champs

As the year is quickly coming to a close, so are the League of Legends updates for 2023. Patch 13.24 will be released next week in several stages across different servers, as is customary for LoL. However, it seems that the devs over at Riot have decided to celebrate the upcoming festive season by buffing more than 10 champions, something their main players would surely welcome a lot.

Lead Gameplay Designer Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison took to Twitter to preview LoL Patch 13.24, writing a couple of sentences for each champion that will be buffed. These include a diverse cast of older and newer characters: Azir, Braum, Galio, Gragas, K’Sante, Leona, Lucian, Mordekaiser, Pantheon, Qiyana, Vel’koz, and Zeri.

“With the game changing pretty significantly next patch, we’re looking to make improvements to champions that will persist through the item changes,” Phroxzon explained. “These include things like fixing champion role skews, QoL improvements, reshaping of power budgets and feel improvements.”

What Else Will Patch 13.24 Have?

The new patch will additionally introduce a new champion, who will also be the last one added to the ever-expanding roster before the end of the current competitive season. His name is Hwei and he is a  brooding painter who creates brilliant art in order to confront Ionia’s criminals and comfort their victims. Phroxzon congratulated the developers who worked on Hwei. He added, “They did a fantastic job at executing on a fluid spellweaving caster and we hope players are going to love it.”

Despite all the hype surrounding the new champion and the buffing of another, there are some who will likely have the patch influence them negatively. Briar is one of two characters who will be nerfed. Phroxzon talked about how Briar will be changed, stating the dev team will focus on one of her strongest builds, likely in an attempt to push players to try out different things. Considering Briar currently has a 37% ban rate, the highest in LoL, such changes seem justified.

Patch 13.24 is the last one before the start of the 2024 competitive season, meaning it’s extremely important for Riot Games to get it right. It will be launched on December 6 globally.

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