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Published: September 21, 2021

Written by: David

  • FIFA 2022 will officially launch on October 1, but fans who purchased the Ultimate Edition can enjoy it from September 27
  • EA admitted for listing an incorrect bonus within the Ultimate Edition – a One to Watch player pick item, instead of OTW untradeable item
  • While opinions on the topic varied, some fans shared their concerns on Reddit, saying they are particularly unhappy with the situation

The pre-order launch of FIFA 2022 starts next week. However, EA revealed that an OTW bonus was incorrectly listed within one of their help articles and was consequently amended. While this is a mistake, yet tiny, it created big waves within the FIFA fans community and some of them went on to share their concerns on Reddit.

Incorrectly Listed Bonus for FIFA 2022 Ultimate Edition Now Amended

FIFA 22’s worldwide launch is expected on October 1 this year. While there’s not much time left to wait, some FIFA fans preferred to purchase the Ultimate Edition, which would let them enjoy the game 4 days earlier, starting from September 27, 2021. Besides early access, the Ultimate Edition of the game promised players a One to Watch player pick item.

This was unveiled within an Electronic Arts help article, however, now EA revealed that the article was incorrect. Consequently, instead of receiving the One to Watch player pick item, EA has now confirmed that fans who purchased the Ultimate Edition will receive a Ones to Watch untradeable player item.

EA revealed that it was brought to their attention that “conflicting information” was shared regarding the OTW pre-order bonus within an EA Help Article. They acknowledged that “an incorrect type of OTW pack” was listed previously, but now the article has been updated “to accurately reflect the correct pre-order bonus.

FIFA’s Fans Outcry: Not Really Happy with the Whole Situation

While this may sound like a minor mistake, EA’s move was not met kindly by all FIFA fans. A user nicknamed “u/TradeNotPlay” started a discussion on Reddit and compared EA revoking from the OTW player pick to false advertising. The user said that he was “personally irritated” by the situation and said that the perk that was initially offered was “enough to sway” to update from the normal FIFA 2022 edition to the Ultimate.

However, a user nicknamed “jdbolick” that participated in the discussion pointed out that “EA never advertised the OTW bonus as a player pick.” They acknowledged that in various ads, the OTW was always listed as an “item,” not a “pick”. This user pointed out that the only article that described the bonus as “pick” was the EA Help article where the mistake remained for only 2 days before being updated. According to “jdbolick”, that was clearly a mistake that didn’t harm anyone.

Some Reddit users urged people who have felt misled to just cancel their pre-order. Others kept the criticizing tone such as “GrauerWolf30” who said, “It is EA, simply expect the worst, so you won’t get disappointed.

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