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Published: October 4, 2021

Written by: David

  • EA Games in collaboration with FIFA released an updated EA SPORTS FIFA 22 esports program
  • The long-anticipated games within the program will take place during the summer of 2022
  • A historic FIFA season is ahead which will bring fans and players thrilling experiences

A new EA SPORTS FIFA 22 esports program was released by FIFA and EA Games. The new esports program is expected to draw millions of viewers and players. The games which will be played next summer feature 1vs1 and 2vs2 competitions.

EA Sports FIFA 22 Will Attract Millions of Players and Viewers

FIFA and EA Games unveiled a new EA SPORTS FIFA 22 esports program on Wednesday this week. The new program is expected to attract millions of players, as well as viewers. Players that participate will be able to participate by representing themselves, global esports organizations, their nation, as well as real-world football clubs.

The new esports program offers 1vs1 and 2vs2 competitions. EA announced that the three competitions that are a part of the expanded esports program are FIFAe Club Series 2022, the FIFAe Nations Series 2022, and the EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series on The Road to the FIFAe World Cup 2022. All those competitions are long-anticipated and will take place next summer.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series’ qualifications will start on November 27 this year. This is the traditional individual best games featuring a competitive 1vs1 format. On the other hand, the FIFAe Club Series 2022 will start this November with the FIFAe Club Online Qualifiers. The competition features a 2vs2 format. Within the FIFAe Nations Series, the competition will put member associations against each other. The global competition features a 2vs2 format.

FIFA Competitive Gaming Is the Future of Esports Entertainment

FIFA’s eFootball and Gaming director, Christian Volk shared his excitement on the topic. He outlined that superstars, as well as newcomers, will all help “inspire entire nations of EA SPORTS FIFA players and get the opportunity to fame their game.” He predicted that the expanded ecosystem will bring thrilling experiences and a truly historic FIFA season.

FIFA competitive gaming is the future of global esports entertainment, enhancing how fans experience the game they love.

Brent Koning, VP of EA Sports Competitive Gaming revealed that the future of esports includes FIFA competitive gaming. He did not miss saying that through esports entertainment, football fans around the world can experience the game they love. In conclusion, Koning outlined EA’s partnership with FIFA reaffirmed the “mainstream appeal of esports.”

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