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Published: March 10, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • SWT returns after almost two years of online-only events
  • The series will have a total of 35 Major events worldwide, culminating in the SWT Champions in December
  • The first event of the series kicks off on March 17 in Qatar

Smash World Tour 2022 returns with a live audience this month with $250,000 for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate.

SWT 2022 Returns Live

The last two years have been tough for in-person esports events due to the Covid pandemic. The Smash community was particularly negatively affected by many delays and format changes. However, Smash fans can rejoice as the Smash World Tour is finally returning to in-person competitions to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate communities globally.

With a grand prize of $250 000 for the SWT 2022 Championships in December, split between both games, this is going to be the largest single-event prize pool for Smash of all time. The SWT 2022 will be comprised of 35 Major events hosted by various tournament organizers worldwide. The circuit begins March 17 and ends on November 22, with SWT 2022 Championships being hosted from December 8 to 11.

What Can Competitors and Viewers Expect?

Throughout the season players will be competing in tournaments to earn points for their placements depending on tiers—Platinum, Gold, and Silver. A Super Silver-tier has also been added whose aim is to represent the middle ground between Majors and larger local events. The schedule for the events can be seen on Smash World Tour’s official page here.

The first event of the series will be in Qatar, kicking off on March 17 with Virtuosity Smash Open in Doha. This gold event will be the first Smash World Tour qualifier to take place in the Middle East.

Of the 35 platinum and gold events, nine will be formally announced at a later date. The way players earn points will be based on their top three platinum event performances, their top three gold performances, their best super silver performance, and their top six silver performances.

Only 32 Melee and Ultimate players will be able to qualify for the Smash World Tour Championships in December. This includes the top player from each region, players with the greatest number of points on the leaderboard, as well as the top two players from the last chance qualifier brackets.

With almost two years of constant delays and online-only events, the global Smash community is thrilled to finally once again have in-person live events.

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