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Published: August 16, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Eternal Fire is the highly anticipated Turkish team built by Özgür “?woxic?” Eker
  • Woxic’s project was to create a team that can represent Turkey in the professional CS:GO world
  • Although the roster has been announced, not much else is yet known

Turkey will finally have its professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team as Eternal Fire steps up on the esports scene.

A Dream Come True

Özgür “?woxic?” Eker’s dream has come to fruition as he’s finally assembled a strong all-Turkish team. The organization is entirely player-founded and will go by the name Eternal Fire.

Woxic announced his plans to assemble a team more than a month ago. He was first looking for an organization to sign him along with the teammates he assembled. After no organization showed interest, the players decided to create one by themselves.

Not much is known yet other than the fact that woxic finished building the super team and is ready to head to esports events. Here is a list of the players and their in-game roles:

  • Bugra ?Calyx? Arkin – Rifle / Support
  • Ismailcan ?XANTARES? Dörtkardes – IGL
  • Issa ?ISSAA? Murad – Rifle / Lurker
  • Ömer ?imoRR? Karatas – Rifle / Entry Fragger
  • Özgür ?woxic? Eker – AWP

ISSAA was a last minute addition to the lineup that no one really expected. The player had taken five months of hiatus from playing competitively but will now be returning to support woxic’s exciting project.

Additionally, Timur “?bishop?” Sengül will be coaching the players. Eternal Fire has yet to announce its plans for the future.

A Team of Veterans

The idea of Eternal Fire came to woxic after his short-lived stint with Cloud9. After he left the team, woxic stopped competing and instead focused on creating the current lineup. His patience and passion have finally paid off as the team is ready to enter the professional CS:GO scene.

Calyx, on the other hand, had a short stint with another player-driven team – GORILLAZ, led by the Swedish legend Robin “flusha” Rönnquist.

XANTARES had left Berlin International Gaming and was one of the first to show interest in woxic’s project.

ISSAA’s last competitive experience was with OG and ImoRR’s was with Sangal Esports. As ISSAA is Jordanian, the team will be communicating in English until the player learns Turkish well enough.

From the looks of it, woxic has assembled quite a team. Some of the members have played for renowned organizations and all of them have competitive experience.

Esports fans can stay tuned for Eternal Fire’s debut.

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