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Published: April 19, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Delays started to pile up from the very start of the event
  • The fact that some matches went into overtime did not help the struggling schedule
  • A printer turned out to be a cause of some of the problems

Several matches had to be delayed while others were postponed for Day 2 of the Global Esports Tour Rio CS2 event as it was marred with numerous technical issues.

Rio Starts with Issues

Yesterday saw the start of the much-anticipated Global Esports Tour in Rio de Janeiro. The CS2 tournament is organized by CBGE and fans were eager to see the eight invited teams, four from Brazil, and four from Europe, duke it out on the big stage.

Unfortunately both for them and the players, things were not going to run as smoothly as everyone hoped for. The opening day of the Global Esports Tour Rio was met with much fanfare, but it was marred with various problems like delays and other technical difficulties. All of this was not helped by the fact that some matches were quite long, meaning the delays stacked and made the first day of the event rather dragged out.

The first round pitted Monte and paiN against each other and started two hours late. Both teams performed very well, but this meant the match dragged out a lot, which did not help the already strained schedule. In the end, it was the Brazilians who prevailed on Anubis, 16-14.

It was a similar deal with Imperial and Metizport who went all the way to the last round of regulation before the Brazilians could take Inferno against the European side. Imperial’s Nicolas “⁠Plopski⁠” Gonzalez Zamora, standing in for star player Linus “⁠nilo⁠” Bergman, was the squad’s best performer, sporting an impressive 1.32 rating on the map.

The domination of the Brazilian squads was brought to an end by 9z who were the first and only team in the openers to take out such a team. Interestingly, the European side defeated none other than FURIA, the current 14th team in the world and arguably Brazil’s best squad. Antonio “⁠MartinezSa⁠” Martinez and Franco “⁠dgt⁠” Garcia turned up with 1.68 and 1.60 ratings, respectively, in a 13-6 drubbing on Overpass.

Technical Difficulties Delayed More Matches

Long games and unexpected outcomes were not the only problems the event had yesterday. Matches were delayed because of various technical issues, the most bizarre of which involved a printer.

It was the moment before the MIBR vs. OG bout when both teams could not start because they were unable to print out their tactics. The fact that such a minutia could delay a match in the first place prompted consideration if the practice should be allowed in the first place. In the end, with cluttered desks on both sides, MIBR made quick work of OG on Vertigo, 13-4. Despite the loss, OG still joked about the printer ordeal with the following post on Twitter:

The second day of the event kicks off with one best-of-one and a whopping six best-of-threes on the schedule due to the previous day’s postponements. Hopefully, any technical issues have already been resolved.

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