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Published: March 31, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CS2 beta players can again use console commands to see enemies through walls
  • The exploit is a mess compared to the previous one, but it still works
  • Some players have already started developing hacks for CS2

Despite Valve patching this week’s CS2 console command exploit, players have once again found a way to use “wallhacks”. 

There’s a New Way to Exploit CS2’s Console

Counter-Strike 2 has been in heavy testing ever since its limited beta was announced by Valve last week. The studio has been busy releasing small updates and fixes throughout this time, often retaining some old CS:GO features, while removing others

A fundamental part of the tests also includes players poking their noses that Valve does not like. For example, testers managed to find a way to get into the game’s mainframe through console commands, which allowed them to enable “wallhacks”. Valve acted quickly and disabled development console commands in the latest update, including “cl_physics_highlight_active 5”, which was the one enabling players to see enemies through walls without external software. 

However, just a few hours after the update went live, players have already found another way to achieve the same result. Streamer ohnePixel shared the new exploit late yesterday. It’s a cluttered mess compared to the first glitch, but one can definitely see other players through walls thanks to it. When activated, players’ screens are flooded with a lot of yellow lines that outline various game objects, including other players. 

The newly-discovered method for wallhacking opens up more work for Valve as the studio will have to quickly patch the game-breaking exploit, but that should be expected in a beta. Technically, console commands should not be accessible when playing on a deathmatch or competitive server. However, they can be accessed through custom games with cheats enabled.

Fortunately, Valve seems to be able to quickly fix the issues that arise in the CS2 beta, taking them just a couple of days to solve the initial console issue. It’s likely that the current console exploit would also be fixed in a similar time frame. 

However, this whole situation brings to mind a trend that has been the bane of many Counter-Strike players since the early days of CS1.6 – cheating. The problem has persisted throughout all iterations of CS ever since and some players have already created a cheat that sends players falling into the depths of Dust 2

Valve has been working on a new anti-cheat measure, called VAC live. According to leakers, the new software should cancel matches if a cheater is detected. However, it’s clear that the anti-cheat measure needs some more work. 

Counter-Strike 2 will be released sometime in the summer of this year. Until then, Valve will have to continually iron out the kinks that will inevitably appear in the current beta testing.

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