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Published: May 3, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • The merchandise will feature stickers, shirts, hoodies, and more
  • They are co-created alongside Chi and muralist JUJMO
  • Ci has been crucial for EG’s successes during 2023’s VTC

Inspired by Christine “potter” Chi’s interests and hobbies, EG’s new collection is part of the org’s shift in brand marketing incorporating players and coaches.

EG Reveals New Merchandise Collection

It is not uncommon for esports teams to release clothing merchandise featuring their own branding and logo. Most often this comes in the form of T-shirts or jerseys featuring the organization’s logo, and although that’s fine in on itself, sometimes it’s nice when the org goes a step further and designs something more unique. This is what Evil Geniuses seem to have done as they have recently revealed a new merchandise collection which is inspired by the team’s VALORANT coach Christine “potter” Chi.

Officially named Potter-Chi, it’s somewhat rare for an organization to make merchandise specifically after a coach, but that makes EG’s new collection even more interesting. The designs themselves are co-created alongside Chi and muralist JUJMO and will feature stickers, shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise inspired by Chi’s interests.

“The Potter-Chi! collection is a celebration of our amazing coach and all that she has accomplished not only as the undisputed best coach in professional VALORANT but her whole career,” said Kayci Evans, Global Head of Marketing for Evil Geniuses, about the collection.

“Potter is an esports icon and pioneer of the women’s movement in this industry. We’re proud of all that she’s accomplished and decided together that she is the person perfect to debut this new brand strategy that will bring more new drops for our fans throughout 2024.”

Here’s More About Christine Chi

Perhaps the coach is most well-known for her deep connection with competitive FPS titles Counter-Strike and VALORANT. She has a very long career in the former title, being a professional CS player for more than a decade, and was part of SK Ladies and Counter-Logic Gaming rosters. At a later point, Chi transitioned to an analyst role in CS:GO. In 2021 she finally made the switch to VALORANT and briefly played for EG before taking up the coaching role of the team. Under her guidance, the team won VALORANT Champions 2023 and Chi was awarded 2023 Coach of The Year for her accomplishments in VCT Americas.

The merchandise collection that Evil Geniuses created focuses on Chi’s interests, personality, and hobbies. “When Potter isn’t cookin’ up the master plan for EG VALORANT she’s either gone fishing, playing fetch with her pup Teemo, having some Texas BBQ, or doing other GOAT things,” EG’s description of the collection reads.

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