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Published: November 23, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Omniac creates advanced AI analytics tools for competitive matches in Fortnite and VALORANT
  • the Youth Club’s Esports Academy program provides coaching sessions for young people in South London
  • Both partnered up to make the experience more efficient for players is creating various AI tools that help esports players analyze their results and the company recently partnered up with the non-profit social enterprise Esports Youth Club to provide its services to young players.

Company Announces Partnership

AI tools have been becoming quite popular over the past few years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they are also starting to be used more in more in the field of professional gaming. is one company that is a trailblazer in utilizing AI training tools to help competitive players. It is the creator of Forge, an esports training tool that uses AI to analyze matches in Fortnite and VALORANT and provide players with information on where to improve and how.

Recently, has announced a partnership with UK-based social enterprise company Esports Youth Club. The deal will see many students from the Youth Club’s Esports Academy program in London receive access to the company’s AI training tools for some games.

Esports Youth Club (EYC) is a non-profit social enterprise that provides facilities, structure, and equipment to widen access to esports amongst young people in South London. It was started just a few weeks ago in collaboration with the Changing Lives Lambeth, an initiative run by the London Council of Lambeth, and has already reached out to firms like

 “We’re so excited to launch the Esports Academy; we’ve been putting on free gaming sessions across Lambeth for 2 years now and have seen some great talent come through,” Co-founder of EYC Mark Bird commented about the initiative. “The Esports Academy will allow our most dedicated and talented youth gamers to flourish through structured sessions, invaluable industry insight, and an environment to excel at their passion.”

The enterprise will provide 40 structured esports training sessions for young people from the London borough and the recently-announced collaboration with would grant participants access to Forge. This is yet another great success for Omniac, as the company has been signing deals with many other esports organizations over the past couple of months and is widening its portfolio.

“We are delighted to join forces with Esports Youth Club to provide the next generation of gaming enthusiasts with the tools they need to succeed,” Co-Founder and CEO of Shaun Meredith said about the latest collaboration. “Our AI-powered coaching insights will help young gamers sharpen their skills, strategize effectively, and reach their development goals.”

It’s safe to say that as AI becomes more and more developed over the years, we will be seeing more similar tools being used in professional gaming.

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