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Published: March 24, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Team Liquid re-cleared The Sepulcher of the First Ones after the weekly reset
  • The majority of the bosses did not present any significant difficulty to the team
  • Team Liquid and Echo are currently racing against one another as each tries to take The Jailer down first

Team Liquid is ahead of its competition in the Race to World First but Echo is not that far behind.

Team Liquid Leads the Charge

The Race to World First challenge continues as professional gamers struggle to become the first to defeat World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ last boss – The Jailer. Team Liquid, who won the challenge in the previous patch, is ahead of many of its competitors but the final obstacle still remains.

The weekly reset forced players to start the last raid, The Sepulcher of the First Ones, anew. This was nothing more than a small inconvenience to Team Liquid, however, as the squad quickly defeated the bosses on its way to The Jailer.

While Team Liquid’s road back to the final boss was not without defeats, the guild managed to clean six out of the Sepulcher’s ten bosses prior to the Jailer on the first try. The players’ bigger challenge during the re-clear turned out to be none other than Anduin Wrynn. The corrupted king of Stormwind defeated Team Liquid a whopping ten times before finally going down.

This is to be expected, however, as Anduin just got buffed. Last week, a bug prevented a few of his attacks from damaging the party. This week this issue got fixed, effectively making the fight much harder.

Echo Might Catch Up

Currently, Team Liquid remains one of the top contenders to win the Race to World First. They should still be careful as the victory might be snatched under their noses since the European guild Echo is not that far behind.

Taking a look at the overall results, The Early Shift was the first guild to take down the Vigilant Guardian, the raid’s first boss. Since then, all other bosses were taken down either by Team Liquid or Echo.

Here are the current standings:

  • Vigilant Guardian – The Early Shift
  • Skolex – Team Liquid
  • Artificer Xy’mox – Team Liquid
  • Dausegne – Team Liquid
  • Prototype Pantheon – Team Liquid
  • Lihuvim – Team Liquid
  • Halondrus – Team Liquid
  • Anduin Wrynn – Team Liquid
  • Lords of Dread – Echo
  • Rygelon – Echo
  • The Jailer – TBD

As of the time of this writing, Echo and Team Liquid are both fighting The Jailer. Team Liquid holds the record, having taken the boss down to 53% of his health with 93 pulls, while Echo has only managed to bring him to 76% with 60 pulls. Despite being a bit behind, it is not too late for Echo to catch up. It is exciting to see whether Team Liquid will keep its crown or whether it will be dethroned by Echo.

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