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Published: December 27, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • World of Warcraft raids can be a drag if there are a few underperforming peas
  • Asmongold argues that kicking such players is his go-to response, no questions asked
  • The streamer justifies his decision and says that it’s “not toxic” as fans suggest

Is Asmongold fair to kick underperforming players out of World of Warcraft raids? He doesn’t wait to hear the answer as Asmon would much rather get content done efficiently.

Not Toxic If You Deserve It

Asmongold is known as the loquacious daredevil of the MMORPG community. He’s always a lot of fun to watch or be around in a video game, that is unless he deems your performance to be sub-par at which point – sorry, but not sorry. You will get booted from that World of Warcraft raid, no questions asked.

This type of behavior may be almost contrary to Asmongold’s grain and in a way it is. Some people have argued that booting people out of your raid is, well, toxic, but Asmongold really doesn’t see eye to eye with those people.

Raiding is about being efficient and if you are “wasting everybody’s time.” Asmongold has been known to be a particularly strict raid leader and that he would not give many people much of a chance. He might advise you on what to improve – but that would be after the raid.

His latest position echoes a previous and similar sentiment expressed earlier this year when Asmongold said he would not raid with random people. His latest statements reflect his previous arguments.

Let’s Not Waste Each Other’s Time

“If I think somebody is doing something wrong – I just kick them out. I don’t talk to them, I don’t negotiate with them,” Asmongold said and argued that it was not a toxic thing to do. It’s just that they waste everybody’s time and that is bad.

Quite to the opposite, Asmongold said that it would be far more toxic to have a person waste 20 other people’s time. Of course, fans still continued to pile on, arguing that some people just need a bit of nurturing, but as the streamer said – he doesn’t negotiate.

Part of his slightly more elitist position has to do with the fact that he has logged 6,000 hours playing the game and he is really not someone who would be dragged down in the personal dramas of individual players.

It’s a bit of a “toxic” move perhaps, but Asmongold really doesn’t mean anything by it. He just wants to get things done efficiently.

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