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Published: December 30, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Legion Timewalking allows higher level players to queue up for older dungeons
  • Players want Blizzard to keep the feature permanently
  • Allowing players to play older content could be a temporary solution to WoW’s content draught

Despite the many ups and downs the Shadowlands expansion had, WoW players still want the devs to leave Legion Timewalking in the game as a permanent feature.

Legion Timewalking and Its Advantages

People have joked about World of Warcraft becoming a “lobby game”, where you just put yourself in a queue for a raid or dungeon and just wait until the system finds you some players. Regardless, fans seem to utilize these lobby features a lot, and one such is Legion Timewalking. It allows players level 50 or higher access to a special Dungeon Finder queue.

With this feature, players can revisit past dungeons from the Legion expansion, because it scales down players and items. It seems this feature is one of the few things players seem to enjoy from the shadowlands expansion, and many are demanding from Blizzard to keep it. Now, as World of Warcraft seems to be suffering from a content draught, this might be a good way to keep players interested.

Players Suggest Blizzard Keeps Legion Timewalking

“Player engagement is necessary to keep the game profitable,” wrote user Radalek on WoW’s subreddit on December 28. “I get it — there’s no better way to keep people in a hamster wheel than with incessant grinding.”

Radalek explained that many players are turning to other games, MMOs or not because Blizzard is not able to keep the player base interested. “World of Warcraft simply doesn’t keep up with adding new content, balances or tweaks being few and far between. Players are turning to games like FF14 or Path of Exile because they are not throwing their old content under the bus and there’s always something to do.”

Radalek suggests that since Blizzard, being in the difficult situation it’s found itself this year, which includes many scandals and also protests from employees, may have an even difficult time producing new content. Therefore, allowing players to visit older dungeons and bosses will allow the company to have a way to keep players interested. Radalek also proposed that Timewalking should be made more frequent.

“There should be Timewalking every week and just rotate through the past expansions. The fact that if you miss one week of legion Timewalking, you have to wait 4.5 months to play it again, is terrifying.”

If Blizzard keeps Legion Timewalking as a permanent feature, it will not end all of the game’s content problems. However, it will still be a stop-gap solution until the company sorts out its troubles and has new time and ideas for WoW.

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