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Published: May 1, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players have speculated what this map might look like and where it will be set
  • There have already been some clues about the map in the game’s voicemails

Riot teased a potential new map coming to the game with a poster at the end of Act Three’s announcement trailer.

Potential New Map Teased

It has been eight months since Riot Games released the last VALORANT map, Sunset. However, it seems that players may soon be able to enjoy playing in a new location as Riot teased the release of a new map. It seems that it will be revealed in the year’s next international VCT event, the Shanghai Masters which are to be held starting on May 23.

These speculations have arisen after the company indicated in an easter egg in Episode Eight, Act Three’s poster. Shown at the end of Act Three’s announcement trailer which was released on April 30, the poster features Omen, Clove, and Iso in front of a mysterious background.

While Riot Games have not yet given details about this new map, or even confirmed if it is a map, players have already started discussing what its new features will be. According to many of them, the map will be underground while others say it will have a lot of verticality. Of course, considering the three agents depicted on the poster, many players started speculating the map might reveal some kind of connection between Omen, Clove, and Iso.

What Else Do Fans Speculate?

Interestingly, it seems that clues about the new map have already been present in the game already. If you visit the Practice Range and play the voicemail Clove sent to Brimstone (Patch 8.07), they speak about a new Hourglass base they describe as a “secret cavern”. Considering the backdrop of the poster at the end of the trailer, this makes a lot of sense.

Also, considering Riot’s attempts to represent China in VALORANT, the new map might be based in the country. Considering Riot revealed Iso in October of last year as a way to celebrate China’s addition to the VCT, this option is also on the list.

Whatever the reasons, it’s likely Riot will reveal this potential new map at the end of the VCT Masters Shanghai finals, meaning that fans will have to wait until the tournament finishes on June 9 to see it.

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