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Published: May 6, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • All of the 16 playoffs spots of the tournament are now filled
  • Despite the victory, coach lmbt says Monte still needs to train a lot more

Following a tough battle against Brazilian team FURIA, Monte have secured the last playoffs spot of the ESL Pro League 19.

Monte Beat FURIA

ESL Pro League 19 has recently concluded with Monte securing the last playoffs spot after beating FURIA. The team now joins 15 other squads after a lengthy run through Group C. For the defeated FURIA, this means they will head home from the Maltese event after securing victories only against Bad News Kangaroos and ENCE.

Despite the important victory, however, Monte coach Sergey “⁠lmbt⁠” Bezhanov, didn’t seem over-excited about the team’s future. “I don’t know how much [this win] means for our confidence, but this was a minimum goal. We did not beat any strong teams,” he said in a post-game interview, pointing out the players should not drop their guard down.

The coach also talked about Monte’s earlier loss to Liquid, the mistakes made in that match, and the lessons the team has learned. The encounter against FURIA also saw Monte commit several blunders, including a 5vs2 fumble on the first map. Nevertheless, lmbt recognized that it was satisfying that the team fulfilled their goal of reaching playoffs. However, his words that the squad still needs to train hard were evident throughout their match versus FURIA.

Here’s How the Match Went

Speaking of the game, it was not going to be easy for Monte to secure the coveted playoffs spot. The match started on Nuke, FURIA’s pick, and for a time it looked like the Brazilians chose well as they held their ground. The previously mentioned 5vs2 fumble also happened in the map’s early rounds, leading some to believe Monte might be on the losing road.

However, the team jumped back and responded to their opponents’ plays. This led to the map going in overtime, but even FURIA’s Gabriel “⁠FalleN⁠” Toledo’s heroics in the final rounds did not help his team secure their pick. Instead, it was Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletnjuk’s side who secured a hard-fought victory.

Monte’s pick of Mirage was next and as the team dominated the early game it seemed like it would be a 2-0 victory for the European team. However, a solid response from FURIA, powered by Kaike “⁠KSCERATO⁠” Cerato, prevented this. The Brazilian team won the map 13-10, forcing Vertigo to be the decider.

In the last map, Monte once again had a dominant start accruing an early offensive lead that would later be whittled away by FURIA’s defense. However, it seems the Europeans had learned their lesson as they did not allow FURIA to run away in the second half. With a few important plays from Jack “Gizmy” von Spreckelsen and Serghij “DemQQ” Demchenko, Monte secured a dominating 13-7 victory on Vertigo to propel their team to the  ESL Pro League 19 playoffs.

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