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Published: May 27, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Activision is deploying in-game filters in 11 languages to spot toxic language and offensive names in Call of Duty games
  • This is part of the company’s efforts to fight toxicity, harassment, racism, and sexism across the entire CoD franchise 
  • Activision will work on strict and fair enforcement policies to ensure that no one is punished unjustly, as 350,000 bans have been just handed out

Activision has just suspended 350,000 accounts over bad behavior and in-game toxicity as the company shifts efforts to curb in-game harassment, sexism, and racism. 

Call of Duty In-Game Toxicity Ends Here 

Activision is taking the ban hammer out once again, suspending at least 350,000 accounts for various “racist names or toxic behavior” in the Call of Duty franchise, the company revealed in a detailed blog post

The latest wave has affected players across the entire franchise, from Call of Duty Warzone to Cold War, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and Mobile, covering a period of 12 months, and yet this is hardly just the beginning, Activision argues.

The company will now pursue a tougher stance on anyone who has continually deteriorated the experience for others by voluntarily and purposefully denigrating individuals, breeding toxicity, or using offensive monikers in the game. 

Outlining the main goal of the move, Activision briefly explained that the company was committed to creating a “fun gameplay experience for all players” and that toxic behavior, hate speech, or harassment had no place in the games’ ecosystems.

“We are focused on making positive steps forward and together celebrating the best fans in the world,” the company said flatly. Apart from battling waves of cheaters and hackers, Activision is taking a closer look at improving the overall experience, which means a much more tailored and nurturing approach towards communities.

Ending Offensive Behavior Once and for All 

To this end, the company is using a series of new filters to help it sort through offensive names and offensive language in chat. The filters work across languages, too, with presently 11 supported ones in place. 

While Activision will pursue a firm action against wrongdoers, the company similarly wants to make sure that any enforcement action it takes against a potentially guilty party is fair. The company will look to create clear-cut enforcement policies, allowing players to stand an honest trial if they are flagged for any ethical violation. 

“There’s much more to be done, including increasing player reporting capabilities and moderation, as well as addressing voice chat to help combat toxicity,” Activision said in the blog post, reiterating the goal to tackle hate speech, sexism, harassment, and racism. 

This could have big implications on the current in-game environment, as the occasional offensive players will no longer get a free pass. If you see someone ruining your game, don’t hesitate to report them, and don’t worry – they will get a fair trial. 

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